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Michigan Kidnapping Defense Team

Kidnapping is one Michigan’s most serious crimes. ¬†It carries a possible penalty of Life in prison. ¬†Obviously, any crime that is a life offense needs to be taken seriously. ¬†At The Kronzek Firm, we have a long history of successfully defending life offense felonies. ¬†Our attorneys are available for consultations during regular office hours and 24 hours a day for emergencies. ¬†If you, a friend or a relative are under investigation for kidnapping or any other serious crime. ¬†You should consult with an attorney immediately. ¬†Generally, we tell clients the following:

  • If you are in jail, keep quiet until we can get to you.
  • If you have already talked to police, stop. ¬†Don’t make it worse.
  • Don’t talk to anyone on the phone, in a text or on the internet about the case.
  • Don’t waive your right to an attorney without talking to one first.
  • Don’t waive your right to remain silent (Miranda) without consulting and retaining counsel first.
  • Don’t confess to anything without talking to an attorney first, it is probably not going to help.
  • Understand that all jail visits and phone calls can be recorded and often are.

Are there exceptions to this general advice?  Sure.  That is why you need to talk to an attorney before you make any mistakes that will hurt you.

What Constitutes Kidnapping under Michigan Law?

For Michigan’s basic kidnapping statute, there is a two part test:

First, the accused must have restrained someone.

Second, at the time of restraining a person, the accused must have intended on of the following:

  • To hold the person for ransom or reward, OR
  • ¬†To use the person as a human shield or hostage, OR
  • To have some form of sexual penetration or sexual contact, OR
  • To take the person across the state line, OR
  • To subject the person to involuntary servitude.

There are some special circumstances that come into play when there are certain underlying charges such as Murder and Extortion.  These are best discussed with the attorney who is handling the case.

Our Approach to Defending Major Crimes:

It is common knowledge that the vast majority of criminal cases resolve with a guilty plea; either to the charges filed or to some negotiated lesser offenses. ¬†What some criminal defense attorneys don’t seem to understand is that the best resolutions come when an attorney is prepared for trial. ¬†Therefore, we start out preparing virtually every case we handle for trial. ¬†After all, we are trial attorneys. ¬†Even when our clients want us to negotiate a plea, we prepare for trial. ¬†Why? ¬†Because it is best for the client.

Additionally, our approach involves the team concept. ¬†We maintain a staff of legal research assistants, paralegal support and associate attorneys who make an enormous difference for our clients. ¬†When a client’s future is at steak, nothing less seems justifiable.

More than that, we add to the team our client, his family, friends and support group.  We believe in working closely with those trying to be helpful.  We listen carefully and consider all ideas.

Finally, we have nothing but experienced attorneys representing clients.  We are a group of trial attorneys and we know our way around a courtroom, around a police investigation and around a prosecution.

If you have an interest in working with out trial team, give us a call. 866-766-5245

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