Expunging Criminal Records Makes Life Easier, But The Process Is Difficult! (Pt 1)

Have you ever wished you could simply erase something from your past, the way a vacuum cleaner makes dirt disappear? Well, maybe you can…

Having a criminal record can affect almost every part of your daily life. From your ability to find housing in a safe neighborhood, getting a good job, to enrolling in school, prior convictions make life hard. So what’s the solution? Well, the simple answer would be to have that record expunged so it doesn’t continue to impact your future. But here in Michigan that isn’t always possible, and even when it is, the cost and complexity can be too much for many people.  

Can you have criminal charges taken off your record in Michigan?

There is no way to expunge a federal criminal conviction except for a Presidential pardon. For state convictions, Michigan does allow certain charges to be expunged from your record, but the requirements you have to meet are quite strict. For example, five years must have passed since your last day of jail, probation, or discharge from parole (whichever is later). Also, you can only have one felony conviction on your criminal record, and no more than two misdemeanors, in order to ask the court to dismiss your felony conviction. 

Not all crimes can be expunged from your record!

Did you know, there are a whole host of crimes that you can’t have expunged here in Michigan. For example, drunk driving, child porn, certain sex crimes, violent assaults, and murder. If you meet the requirements to request expungement of a Michigan conviction, it is in the judge’s discretion whether to grant your request. There’s a formal process that’s required, so the very first stop is to meet with an attorney whose experienced in Michigan expungement cases.  

Michigan has no plans for blanket forgiveness of prior crimes.

But overall “forgiveness” for prior minor crimes (including crimes that aren’t even considered illegal acts anymore because the law has since changed!) isn’t on the horizon for Michigan right now. However, sometimes all it takes to inspire that kind of legislation is for one state to enact new laws that end up working well for their people. Other states tend to sit up and take notice, especially when the news is well received by the public. Which is exactly what’s happening in Pennsylvania right now…

If a criminal record is affecting your future, you have choices!

Join us next time for a look at how expungement is being handled in other states in the U.S. But until then, if you’re considering having your criminal record expunged, or you’re curious if you or a loved one are eligible for expungement, call our offices and talk to one of our experienced attorneys today. Here at The Kronzek Firm, we’ve spent decades fighting for the rights of people in Michigan, and protecting the futures of both individuals and families. Call us today at 866 766 5245. We’re here to help you.

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