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Category Archives: Michigan Armed Robbery Charges

MI Murder Charges – Detroit Man Arrested For Homicide May Face Death Penalty

Although Michigan was the first to outlaw the death penalty, suspects convicted of federal crimes in the state could still face capital punishment. Such an example is seen in the case of a Detroit man, who could face the ultimate sentence for murdering an armored truck driver during a 2001 bank robbery.

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MI Kidnapping Charges – Michigan Ex-Con Taken Into Custody For Attempted Abductions and Rape Charges

Over the weekend, a Michigan ex-convict was taken into custody by police after allegedly attempting to abduct four women during a three hour period, raping one.

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MI Armed Robbery – Former UofM Football Player Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges

Last Wednesday, former University of Michigan football player Boubacar Cissoko pled guilty to a count of Michigan armed robbery charges, as well as four counts of larceny in the Washtenaw County area. If sentenced to the maximum extent, the Cissoko could spend 45 years behind bars for his involvement in the case.

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