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2 Western Michigan University Football Players Face Felony Charges

Two Western Michigan University football players have been suspended from the Bronco football team following felony criminal charges that could land them both in prison for life. Linebacker Ron George and wide receiver Bryson White are accused of teaming up and breaking into a woman’s apartment, where they allegedly threatened her with weapons and robbed […]

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Parolee Gets Prison for Home Invasion

Home Invasion Just One in a String of Felonies Willie Anderson, when appearing at his most recent sentencing hearing, was informed by the prosecutor that the reason he is going back to prison for a very long time, is that he “didn’t learn what they hoped he would learn.”

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Lansing Gun Fight Ends in Arrests

Teens Involved in Gun Fight Face Charges The Lansing police have arrested a number of teenagers, ranging in age from 13 to 18, who were allegedly involved in a recent gun fight near Cavanaugh School. The incident is said to have started as a result of a break-in that the teenagers were conducting on a […]

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Bay City Parolee Accepts Plea Bargain

Accepts Plea Bargain One Day Before Trial Kyle A. Schmiege, a 24-year-old resident of Bay City with an extensive criminal history in the area, has chosen to accept a plea bargain just one day before his trial was scheduled to begin. He pled guilty to home invasion charges as part of a plea bargain that […]

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Bay County Home Invasion

Mother begs Judge, “Please keep my son in jail!” You have only to watch any one of the many gangster and mafia shows on TV in the last few years to realize just how pervasive this myth has become in your culture. Gangsters are cool. Breaking the law makes you “cool”, and desirable. This is […]

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Bay City Home Invasion Charges

Not getting along with your neighbors is a struggle that many, many people face at one point or another in life, and it can cause enormous tensions between households. You know what we’re talking about right? That guy you hated living next door to in college because he thought it was acceptable to throw “impromptu” […]

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Bay City Crime Spree

Charges of Armed Robbery, Assault, First Degree CSC, and More Four Saginaw men charged in connection with a recent Bay City crime spree have all pled guilty, or are expected to plead guilty, to felonies. According to police records, on the evening of January 14th, the four men broke into an apartment in Bay City […]

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74 Year Old Woman facing Antrim County Home Invasion Charges

An interesting Antrim County home invasion case is in the news.  Ann Shirley Wilson, a 74 year old resident of Elk Rapids, MI was recently arrested and charged with breaking and entering. The retired real estate agent is a suspect in a string of break-ins across several counties, including Leelanau, Grand Traverse and Antrim. According […]

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Home Invasion Attorneys – University of Michigan Football Player Charged with Home Invasion

Marvin Robinson is a Safety on the University of Michigan football team. He has been accused of entering someone’s dorm room at the University of Michigan and stealing an Xbox video game system. He was charged with Second Degree Home Invasion. His arraignment was held on November 8, 2011 and he will soon face a […]

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