Lansing Gun Fight Ends in Arrests

Teens Involved in Gun Fight Face Charges

The Lansing police have arrested a number of teenagers, ranging in age from 13 to 18, who were allegedly involved in a recent gun fight near Cavanaugh School. The incident is said to have started as a result of a break-in that the teenagers were conducting on a South Lansing home. The homeowner responded to the intruders by opening fire. The teens fired back.

Three teens were injured in the gun fight. One of those injuries was a hand grazed by a bullet. This injury did not require medical attention. But the other two injuries were more serious. One was an arterial wound that was tourniqueted by a police officer who found the boy in the woods, bleeding out.

The shoot-out resulted in a man-hunt through the woods that lasted hours. It involved an MSP search helicopter and numerous police dogs, and put three nearby schools into lock-down mode. The gun fight was first reported around 11 am. By 3 pm, eight teenagers were in police custody. Seven of those young men were later arrested. Thus far five of them have already been charged.

Jamell Joshua-Alleen Barber, 18, Antonio Maurice Thompson, 17, and one unnamed juvenile are all facing charges for assault with intent to murder, armed robbery, home invasion and felony firearm. Two additional juveniles, all of whom will be charged as adults, were also charged with armed robbery, home invasion and felony firearm. All five teens face the possibility of life in prison if convicted.

Two of the teens arrested but not charged, include a 17-year-old and one other, younger, boy. According to the prosecutor’s office, they have not yet been charged, but charges are still possible. Although the names of the juveniles have not been released due to their status as minors, the police told several media sources their ages. Apparently three of the juveniles are 16-years-of-age, and the final one is only 13.

Barber and Thompson are both scheduled to appear before Judge Frank DeLuca in the 54A District Court for their preliminary hearings on November 25th. The juveniles will all attend their hearings in Ingham County’s juvenile court.

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