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Convicted of a Crime? Your Victims Now Have The Right to Confront You in Court!

  A new piece of legislation in Michigan has been signed into law here in Michigan, which addresses the issue of victim impact statements. Up until now, while victims of crimes were allowed to make victim impact statements to the court, the convicted defendant has not been required to listen to their statement. (Unless being […]

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You Can’t Punish People For Choosing To Go To Trial!

  Exercising your right to go to trial instead of simply accepting whatever plea bargain is offered is a vital part of the American judicial system. And despite the fact that trials cost the state considerably more money than a plea hearing and then a sentencing hearing, and takes far more time, it is still […]

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Should Defendants be Required to Hear Victim Impact Statements?

Chances are, you’ve heard about the Larry Nassar case in Ingham County and his second case in Eaton County. Maybe you also heard about his federal kiddie porn conviction. In fact, it would be hard to miss it, with the related MSU scandal, the new legislation inspired by Nassar’s charges, and the sensational sentencing hearing […]

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Michigan Supreme Court Ruled Defendant had Right to Confront Absent Doctor

A few months ago, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in the case of People v. Fackelman that the defendant was denied his Constitutional right of confrontation. In this case, the jury heard in-court testimony from both a doctor hired by the defense and a doctor hired by the prosecution about whether the defendant was legally […]

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