What You Need to Know About Michigan’s New Vaping Law (Pt 1)

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Vaping has been linked to cancer, lung disease, and death. Teens who start young have a much harder time quiting.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking has decreased slowly in the US over the last decade or so, which can be attributed to better health education and awareness campaigns. But as is often the case, when one unhealthy trend declines another steps in to take its place. And as smoking has decreased, so the use of e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) has increased, and the youth of Michigan appear to be the hardest hit.

What is vaping, and why is it an issue?

E-cigarettes, which are battery-operated devices used to inhale an aerosol, typically contain nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. For many years since their introduction on the market back in 2003, they have been marketed as a cleaner and safer alternative to regular cigarettes. However, time and studies are proving that mindset false. And in the wake of a national wave of potentially deadly e-cigarette-related lung diseases, it seems we should be worried.

Flavored vaping products are now illegal in Michigan!

Governor Whitmer declared vaping a public health emergency and worked to ban the use of any flavored vaping products and accessories in Michigan, making us the first state with such a law. The new ban also prohibits e-cigarette companies from “misleading marketing of vaping products”, which includes using words like “clear,” “safe” or “healthy” in describing their products. This, the governor hopes, will save the lives of countless Michigan teens.

Michigan’s Attorney General agrees!

“With a more than 1.5 million increase in the number of students using vaping products in just one year, the governor’s emergency actions today are exactly the bold measures we must take to protect Michigan’s children from the dangerous effects of vaping,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel in a recent statement to the media, following the state-wide ban on flavored vaping products. The move was also lauded by several health agencies across our state.

Using or selling these products in Michigan can mean criminal charges!

Although businesses around the state were given 60 days to come into compliance with the new ban, we’re expecting that there will be a few here or there who will try to keep selling flavored vaping products after the ban goes into effect. So we’d like to remind you that now in Michigan it is illegal to have, use, sell, or buy ANY flavored vaping products. That includes any flavored refill cartridges for e-pens, e-cigarettes or vaping tanks, or any flavored e-juice or e-liquids.

Be careful when using vape products in Michigan!

Although the ban is only in place for 6 months (at which point the governor can decide if she plans to renew it or not) during that time you could get into serious legal trouble if you buy, sell or use flavored vaping products. Join us next time for a look at what the opposition says about this ban, and what the consequences of violating the ban will be. Until then, if you need help from a highly respected criminal defense attorney in Michigan, call 866 7NoJail right now and talk to a lawyer at The Kronzek Firm. We’re here 24/7 to help by phone at 1 866 766 5245. 

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