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Probation Violation – Convicted Sex Offender Arrested After Taking Children to See Toy Story 3

Life Changing Consequences Of Sexual Offenses

If law enforcement officials approach you with questions about sexual offenses, you should be very concerned. Conviction of a sex crime will have life-changing consequences, including required participation in the state Sex Offender Registry for 25 years and almost certainly a significant period behind bars. If the crime was committed against a minor, the sex offender will likely also be prohibited from interacting with young children or going into public venues were kids are present. Any sex crime defense lawyer in Michigan can verify: even accidentally violating the terms of probation can bring problems on a person.

For example, Michigan resident Michael Keeler, 46, took his family to see the popular summer film, “Toy Story 3.” Although taking one’s children to see a G-rated movie seems like a perfectly harmless activity, Keeler is legally not allowed to go see a children’s movie. After being convicted in May 2008 of second-degree criminal sexual conduct in Michigan involving a person under 13, he was sentenced to serve five years probation. Part of the terms stated that Keeler is not allowed to go within 1,000 feet of any location where there are large numbers of people, aged 17 and younger.

Law enforcement officials were alerted to the infraction after the electronic tether he was wearing showed his position. Following the film, police arrested Keeler and the suspect pled guilty to probation violation in Michigan. As a result, the court ordered him to serve 90 days house arrest. It is also possible that the terms of his current probationary period will be either enhanced or extended as a result.

The defense attorney in Michigan for Keeler maintains that he was simply just trying to be a good father by taking his children to see the popular film. However, at the same time, he lost sight of his responsibility to the community to act within the terms of his probation.

As seen by the example of Michael Keeler, being convicted of a sex crime will haunt you for years. Not only are you required to register on public sex offender lists or wear electronic monitoring tethers, but the terms of probation will prevent the convicted from going anywhere they please–a right not to be taken for granted. In order to protect the valuable personal freedoms enjoyed, as well as your livelihood and reputation, it is essential to pro-actively search for superior legal defense for your case. Seeking an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Michigan will give you the best possible chance that charges against you do not restrict your life, allowing you to live and work as you would normally–not subject you to jail time or house arrest.

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