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Not Every Lawbreaker is a Criminal Mastermind (Pt 2)

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Not every idea is a smart one, and not every light bulb moment has great results. Especially when you’re committing crimes!

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for a look at some of the funnier examples of criminal not-so-masterminds. As we explained in our previous article, a drug trafficker who uses the Smuggler’s Inn bed and breakfast for pick ups, and has a license plate saying ‘SMUGLER’ isn’t the brightest tool in the shed. Same goes for the guy who downloaded child porn on his phone while talking to the cops about the child porn they found on his computer. But they aren’t the only ones. Here are a couple more incredible examples of criminals whose audacity and lack of smarts will make you laugh (or cringe!)

Stealing weed from the cops:

When most people think ‘dealer’ they don’t think ‘cop’. But 27-year-old David Allan Thompson from Pennsylvania made that unfortunate mistake, and decided that the cop shop was a great place to pick up a little pot. According to the story, he walked into a local police station with the intention of reporting a tip to the cops. He happened to notice a baggie of weed sitting on an officer’s desk and figured ‘finder’s keepers.’ It only took a moment for the cops to notice that their evidence was gone, and they hotfooted it after Thompson, who was willing to hand it back once they caught up to him.

When an officer slapped a pair of cuffs on him and read him his Miranda rights, however,he was offended and argued that they got their weed back, so they should just let him go peacefully on his way. But that’s not how it works. In Pennsylvania, or here in Michigan. Weed may have been legalized here in the Great Lakes state last year, but stealing from the cops is a really bad idea! And drug charges are no joke! So regardless of where in Michigan you live, whether it’s Ann Arbor, Lansing, Midland, Coldwater or somewhere else, don’t steal, and don’t get busted with illegal drugs stolen from the cops!

Growing weed right next to the police station:

Although marijuana is now legal here in Michigan, that hasn’t been the case for very long. As such, we’ve had years of defending people accused of growing, selling, and using marijuana under our belts. And in all that time, we’ve never encountered a story quite so hilarious! It takes place in Bridgend, Wales (which is in the U.K. in case you weren’t sure), where three weed farmers set up their grow shop right next door to the local cops. And no, that isn’t a figure of speech. They were literally Right. Next. Door.

They apparently went to great lengths to disguise the heat signature generated by the grow lights using insulation, and created elaborate measures to hide the weed if curious cops ever showed up. What they didn’t account for, though, was the odor. Because if you know anything about pot, you know it smells, well… exactly like pot. So, being right next door to the cop shop (and most cops being familiar with the smell of weed), it didn’t take long before the grow operation was overrun with law enforcement, and the three growers were behind bars.

Weed may be legal in Michigan, but you can still get busted!

Marijuana may have been legalized at a state level here in Michigan, but federally it’s still against the law. So despite the fact that you may have carefully followed our Michigan law, you could still get busted by the feds. And if you’re not careful about following the new law, you could also get busted by the local cops if you have more than you’re allowed, or grow more plants than the law specifies for one person. So pay attention, and be very careful.

As we mentioned earlier, here at The Kronzek Firm, we’ve handled a great many drug-related cases over the years. Our highly skilled drug crimes defense attorneys have experience handling all kinds of drug-related charges, whether it’s heroin, cocaine, meth, weed or prescription drugs. So if you’re in trouble with the law, and need help dealing with drug charges here in Michigan, call 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) and get the right help from the right people.

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