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New Michigan Governor’s Initiative Looks to Reform Criminal Justice System

Michigan’s criminal justice system is not nearly as impartial as it’s supposed to be! But that will hopefully be changing soon…

When Gretchen Whitmer was sworn in as the new Governor of Michigan, she promised a total turn around on the way certain things were done. One of those key issues was our criminal justice system. So with that in mind, she’s recently signed an executive  order creating a bipartisan task force whose sole purpose is finding ways to reform Michigan’s struggling criminal justice system. And wherever in Michigan you live, from the Detroit area to Grand Rapids, and Battle Creek to Livingston County, you’ll probably agree that it’s time for a change! We’re working with an expensive, burdensome system that just don’t get the job done very well.

What exactly does the new task force hope to achieve?

This promises to be a multi-pronged effort. The task force has been given multiple directives, some aimed at cleaning up “the front end” of the system (including law enforcement, the courts, and the parole and probation systems), while others will work to problem-solve in the “back end” which includes the corrections department and the prisoners themselves.

These directives include:

  • Ways to safely reduce the number of people in jail, and the length of their stay,
  • Finding possible alternatives to incarceration,
  • Investigate possible reforms to pretrial incarceration and the bail system
  • Find ways to replace old and outdated criminal justice methods
  • Safely reduce the huge drain placed on state resources by the prison and jail system
  • Create a “stronger and smarter” public safety system

What is the governor’s plan for this task force?

According to Governor Whitmer, “The fact is that we need to take a comprehensive look at the state of our criminal justice system because the status quo is not working for victims, the accused, and those convicted of crimes. That’s why it’s so important to launch this bipartisan task force and ensure that the right people have a seat at the table to find real solutions to real problems in the criminal justice system.” Of course none of this is new. Politicians in Michigan have been saying those same things for years.

Who’s on the task force, and how will they operate?

According to the Governor’s news releases, the bipartisan task force will will include a wide variety of people whose input and expertise will be helpful. That includes House and Senate leadership, the governor herself, members of several police associations, both prosecutors and defense attorneys, and the chief justice of the state supreme court. Together they will brainstorm ideas and work to make Michigan’s criminal justice system more forward thinking, more streamlined, and more effective for everyone involved.

Michigan’s current criminal justice system needs a lot of work!

We’re pleased to hear that the governor believes in revamping the criminal justice system, as there are many aspects of the current system that we think could use a do-over. However, we’d like to remind our readers that one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t get railroaded by a broken system, or allowed to slip through the cracks, is to ensure that your criminal defense attorney is top notch. Here at The Kronzek Firm we’ve been successfully defending the people of Michigan for over a quarter century. We’re available 24/7 to help you and your loved ones navigate the troubled waters of Michigan’s criminal justice system. We work furiously to ensure your best outcome. Call 866 766 5245 today and get a warrior on your defense team.

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