Michigan Couple Accused of Hosting Sex, Drugs & Booze ‘Parties’ For Teens


One Eaton County couple is accused of giving marijuana and alcohol to teens before having sex with them.


Many teenagers dream of parents who would allow them more freedoms, treat them more like grown-ups, and provide them with the trappings of adulthood. Responsibility free, of course. But the truth is that teens are minors, whether or not they agree with that status, and the law has very strict regulations about how teens can be treated and what they may have access to. So guns, drugs, alcohol and sex are all off-limits in Michigan, no matter how grown up they might think they are.


One Eaton County, Brookfield Township couple, however, are accused of trying to sidestep the legal issues  when it comes to underaged teens. 41-year-old John Louis-Perkins Brown and his 30-year-old wife Ashley Nicole Brown are said to have hosted some memorable ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll’ events for underaged minors. That may have made them popular with some of the teenagers in the area, but not with the local cops.


One teen girl told a Michigan State Police detective that when she was 15, Ashley Brown had picked her up and taken her back to the Brown’s home. There she smoked marijuana, drank alcohol and expressed a sexual interest in John Brown. At that point Ashley Brown told her husband that the girl wanted to have sex with him, furnished him with a condom, and sent the pair upstairs where John Brown sexually assaulted the underage girl.


Shortly after that event, the teen ran away from home and moved in with the Browns. They allowed her to stay with them, and when Eaton County Sheriff’s showed up at the house looking for the girl, the Browns hid her in the attic. In later interviews with police, John Brown admitted that he and that particular girl had engaged in sexual relations three times.

Another teenager told police investigators that she and John Brown had sex on a couch in his home.


Both teen girls said that during the times when they had been sexually involved with John Brown, had been during period when they were frequenting the Brown’s home regularly. There, according to Michigan State Police allegations, the teens and the Browns smoked marijuana and drank alcohol together, as well as engaging in sexual relations.


The fact that the sex between John Brown and these teen girls was consensual means little. The girls were both under the age of consent, and therefore it was considered to be sexual assault. Here in Michigan, this kind of “statutory rape” is called Criminal Sexual Conduct. Added to that, furnishing drugs and alcohol to minors is a crime. The Browns have both been charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Harboring a Runaway, and Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. If convicted, they both face 15 years in prison. As of now, Ashley Brown has posted bail while John remains in jail.


Being accused of giving drugs or alcohol to a minor, not to mention the allegation of having sexual relations with minors, is life changing. Even for those who are eventually acquitted or who are proven to be innocent, the character assasination can last a lifetime. That’s why anyone accused of this type of crime needs a highly skilled and aggressive defense attorney on their side.


The defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you during your time of crisis. We began fighting sex crime allegations nearly a quarter century ago. There is no upside to waiting to hire an attorney. Every criminal case necessitates avoiding mistakes like talking to police or compromising evidence. That’s where an experienced defense team comes in. We will begin diligently working on a case, immediately preserving our client’s rights and ensuring common pitfalls are avoided. Call The Kronzek Firm today at 866 766 5245. The right attorney is critical.




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