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At Kronzek and Cronkright, PLLC, our aggressive trial lawyers have extensive experience winning armed robbery and other weapons cases in Michigan courts. When you are under investigation and accused of such serious charges, you need a firm that you can trust to explore every available option and viable legal strategy on your behalf.  We truly care that your rights are protected and that you stay out of prison.

What is Armed Robbery?

Robbery is a theft crime where a person permanently takes property from another person by threat or force. Armed robbery is a felony with a maximum penalty  of up to life in prison. If a serious injury or aggravated assault occurs, there is a minimum penalty of two years in prison. Robbery without a dangerous weapon is a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

The prosecutor must prove each of the following beyond a reasonable doubt in order to get a conviction of armed robbery.

First, the defendant committed violence against or used force, put in fear, or assaulted another person. Next, the defendant did this while committing a larceny. “Larceny” is the taking of a person’s property or money with the intent to deprive possession of it permanently. This includes an attempt to commit larceny, while fleeing the scene of a larceny, and more. In addition, the individual subject to the larceny was present while the defendant committed the act.

Furthermore, while the defendant was “in the course of committing the larceny,” he or she (a) had a dangerous weapon capable of causing serious injury or death; or (b) had any other item capable of causing serious injury or death that was used as a weapon; or (c) had an object that was used or made in a way to lead the person present to believe it was indeed a dangerous weapon; or (d) told the target or otherwise represented that the defendant had a weapon.

Finally, if appropriate, that the defendant inflicted a serious injury or aggravated assault to another person while committing the larceny.

Some Considerations with Armed Robbery

Usually, to prove  the “armed” aspect of armed robbery, the prosecutor shows evidence of the existence of a weapon, or an eyewitness testifies he or she saw the weapon while the defendant committed the robbery. However, in a case where a person pretends to have a weapon to scare the victim into handing over property or money, the prosecutor does not need to show the weapon or give a specific description of it. The prosecutor just needs to show that during the robbery the perpetrator simulated having a weapon somehow, and that the victim reasonably believed the defendant was armed. So, for instance, it is likely sufficient if a victim saw a bulging pocket and the defendant announced that a robbery was happening.

Additionally, a dangerous weapon is any object capable of causing serious injury or death—and is used as a weapon. Whether or not an object is a dangerous weapon under the circumstances is a question for the jury. This depends on the characteristics of the object and how it is used. Finally, a completed larceny is unnecessary to uphold a conviction of robbery or armed robbery. Merely attempting the crime is enough.

Don’t Settle For Less than Aggressive Legal Representation

Defendants can regain their peace of mind by hiring our experienced lawyers to fight on their behalf for their freedom. At Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC, we thoroughly explore all evidentiary issues and know how to sink the state’s case against you. Call for a free consultation at (866) 7-NoJail! (1-866-766-5245). Our attorneys are standing by.

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