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Michigan Larceny Attorney – Larceny From a Building Lawyers

Michigan Larceny Defense Team

Do you need help with a larceny charge?  The trial team at The Kronzek Firm PLC, has a consistent track record of successfully defending a wide range of property crimes. If you have been accused of stealing from a building, or any other type of theft or larceny crime, it is essential to obtain aggressive and experienced attorneys that will not only defend your rights but also protect you from overzealous prosecutors. We understand larceny cases and know how to build strong legal strategies that work for our clients.

What is Larceny from a Building?

A larceny of a building is when a person steals from a house, house trailer, store, office, gas station, warehouse, shop, factory, mill, hotel, school, barn, or basically any public building.  In addition, a breaking and entering into the building is not required.

This offense is a felony with a maximum penalty of 4 years in prison.

What if the Building was Vacant?

Stealing from a vacant building is a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of one year in jail or a fine up to $1,000.00. This includes breaking into vacant buildings that may be under construction and taking or damaging fixtures.

Our Approach to Defending Larceny from a Building Charges

At The Kronzek Firm PLC, we  believe that every accused person has constitutional rights that need to be protected.  These include:

  • Miranda Rights
  • 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure.
  • The Right to Counsel
  • The Right to Due Process
  • The Presumption of Innocense
  • The Right to Remain Silent

Unfortunately, the police have often trampled on our client’s rights before we got involved.    Often times, we can take this unfortunate fact and use it for our client’s advantage.

Therefore, we roll up our sleeves and work with you—not just for you—to fight unjust charges and to get you the kind of outcome you want.

We may be a Little Different Than Your Last Attorney

With every client, we are guided by our philosophy of practice.  We believe in working closely with clients and maintaining excellent communication.  We answer your calls, meet with you regularly, and update you on all developments related to your case. After all, your future is on the line. Therefore, you deserve to know what is happening at all stages of your case from the investigation through to the conclusion.

Why is The Kronzek Firm Different than Other Many Criminal Defense Firms?

We care about our clients. Period. Your freedom matters to us—and we fight for it.

We are committed to using our vast knowledge of criminal law and courtroom skills to win your case. We know how to spot the flaws in the prosecution’s case against you. In turn, we can build the strongest possible case on your behalf. We also let you know the possible effects and ramifications of each legal strategy we use. In addition, we craft an individual defense based on your particular needs. No criminal case is the same, so we refuse to employ cookie cutter defense tactics or shortcuts. This allows us to provide premium, full-service legal representation that has earned our firm a very strong reputation statewide.

If this is the kind of criminal defense you are looking for, contact our criminal defense team at (866) 766-5245.  We can help you.

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