Ann Arbor Robbery and Stand-Off

Three Ann Arbor Teens Arrested After Robbery and Stand-Off

In the week before Christmas, four older teenaged males forced their way into a man’s apartment with the intention of robbing him. However, the 46-year-old homeowner fought them off and, in the process, got shot in the groin. The police were contacted immediately, and an investigation into the robbery was opened.

Police reports have revealed that the teens brandished handguns while pushing and intimidating the homeowner’s 76-year-old father, who was present at the time. In the ensuing tussle, the homeowner himself was shot from behind. The teens then took cash and a number of personal items belonging to the homeowner, and fled the scene.

According to the Ann Arbor Police, they believe that this particular home may have been targeted by the teens because of its reputation in the community as a former medical marijuana dispensary. This, however, has not been conclusively proven.

Police were quickly able to identify three of the four suspects, and two of them were arrested without incident shortly thereafter in a home on Brookwood Place. The two who were arrested were 18 and 19-year-olds from Ann Arbor, who have been in custody ever since. Police were also able to retrieve a number of the stolen items during the arrest.

Of the remaining two suspects, police were only able to identify one. But once they figured out who he was, they were also able to determine where to find him. And the fact that he was armed. The suspect was contacted by law enforcement and given the option of turning himself in peacefully, but he refused.

And so what ensued was an armed standoff between officers from the Washtenaw County SWAT team and a 19-year-old at Spice Tree apartment complex in Pittsburg Township. During the next four hours the suspect conversed with a negotiator from the Crisis Negotiation Team, before finally agreeing to surrender.

Thus far, three of the four suspects are behind bars, awaiting arraignment. The fourth remains unknown and at large. The identities of all of the arrested teens will only be released after they are arraigned, and as of yet, no information has been shared regarding the charges they are likely to face.

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