Two men walk into a bank sounds like the beginning of a good joke, but this bank robbery no laughing matter. Michigan criminal defense lawyers 866-766-5245

Macomb County Bank Robbery

Two Arrests After Wild Police Chase 

In the same way that the media sensationalized and glamorized Bonnie and Clyde’s exploits, making their life appear wild and exciting when it fact it was much tamer, so modern media has glamorized bank robbery and running from the police. But the reality is never that romantic. And prison is no fun. So regardless of how wild the recent post-bank robbery highway chase was in Macomb County, the result is still the same: those old unglamorous felony charges, and the totally unexciting prison sentence that follows.

Albert Walker and Cortez Deonte Moultrie, who police have linked to a number of other prior bank robberies, are the apparent culprits. According to FBI reports, the pair walked into the Comerica Bank on Jefferson Avenue in Harrison Township dressed like security guards. They whipped out their guns and told everyone in the bank to get down on the floor.

Once everyone was subdued, either Walker or Moultrie (it is apparently hard to tell from the surveillance video) is seen pointing a gun at the bank manager’s head. They order him to open the vault, taking all the money available.

The pair made it back to their vehicle with the stolen cash, but then everything goes horribly wrong. Fleeing the scene of the bank robbery in a conversion van (which, let’s face it, isn’t the most speedy or aerodynamic of getaway cars available), they are quickly pursued by police.

Witnesses claim that at least three police vehicles pursued the van at high speed, and were seen slaloming around on the highway. Other traffic on the highway pulled over quickly to get out of the way. Apparently the pursuing officers attempted numerous times to box the van in but were unsuccessful.

Finally one deputy was able to perform a successful PIT maneuver which whipped the van around while it was driving. It ended up facing the wrong way on the highway and, in one final attempt to get away, was attempting to reverse across the highway. Instead, the van crashed into one of the deputy’s vehicles and then into the median.

Both suspects leapt from the car and fled the scene on foot. They were chased back and forth across the highway by deputies, guns drawn, who were in hot pursuit. Both men were eventually captured and are being held in the Macomb County Jail.

Thankfully no one was hurt in the high speed chase, and all of the money was recovered. We will keep you posted when the pair finally ends up in court and when the charges are made public.

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