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MI Sex Offense – Noncompliant Sex Offenders Sought Out By Michigan State Police

Being suspected of any sex crime offense is a serious accusation that one should always take with great concern. Any Michigan sex crime lawyer will warn that conviction for sex offenses like Criminal Sexual Conduct will bring significant consequences in Michigan. These consequences follow a person around for life. In addition to likely fines and extensive prison time, the convicted person is required to submit personal information to a public, statewide registry that documents all the sex offenders in Michigan. Even though failure to comply with these regulations will bring additional charges, many convicted sex offenders across the state neglect to participate in the requirements of Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA)

As many consider SORA essential to maintain public safety, this is a problem that Michigan State Police are taking very seriously. Late in 2010, law enforcement officials statewide conducted “Operation Verify,” targeting approximately 3,400 sex offenders who have not submitted or maintained their personal information to the registry on time as required by SORA.

According to the Sex Offender Registration Act, those convicted of felony sex crimes in Michigan must submit their address and other personal data with local police agencies four times each year. If the convict decides to move, they are required to notify law enforcement officials at least ten days prior. According to Col. Eddie Washington Jr., the statewide sweep was purposely scheduled to take place following the October 1-15 quarterly verification period which ultimately allowed for a more accurate list of noncomplying convicts. “This means that any felony-listed offenders who want to spare themselves a visit from a trooper should be sure to verify their address with law enforcement during the first 15 days of October,” Washington warned.

Sex Offenders That Violate Registration Face Harsh Punishment

While a vast majority of Michigan’s 46,400 registered sex offenders are compliant with the SORA law, there are still those who violate Michigan law and fail to register or update their information with law enforcement. Those who violate the requirements of the Michigan Sex Offender Registry Act will face harsher punishments including up to four years in prison.

As seen by the statewide search for noncomplying sex offenders, being convicted of any criminal sexual conduct will affect one’s life permanently. To prevent accusations from taking over your life forever, it is essential for accused persons to contact experienced and knowledgeable sex crime attorneys in Michigan. Defending sex crime accusations including rape, child molestation and criminal sexual conduct is very specialized work. This is not the sort of criminal defense work that most attorneys can handle effectively. Those facing these kind of charges should look for lawyers with many years of defending these cases.

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