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Michigan Sex Offender Registration


Most people faced with criminal charges for a sex crime worry about one thing happening in the case, which is being sentenced to jail or prison time. It is very reasonable for that to be a defendant’s primary concern during the case. However, as defense attorneys, we are keenly aware of another serious consequence that could result from being convicted of a sex crime, which is sex offender registration.


What is the Michigan Sex Offender Registry?

Michigan, like other states, created a sex offender registry that lists those people convicted of certain sex crimes in Michigan. Most of the offenders on the list are placed on the Public Sex Offender Registry, which is a searchable online database of convicted sex offenders in Michigan.

All offenders on the registry must go to their local police station to verify their identity a certain number of times per year. They must also inform law enforcement of major changes in their lives, such as changing a name, buying a vehicle, moving, or traveling. Otherwise, they risk being charged with a serious felony. Registered sex offenders must abide by strict rules about where they can live, work, or loiter. And the offenders on the public registry face daily humiliation as their friends, neighbors, or co-workers judge them harshly. This is probably one of the worst parts about being on the registry.


The Tier System

One new development in the Michigan sex offender law is the division of convicted sex offenders into one of three tiers. Each tier has its own characteristics as to the length and frequency of registration. Tier 1 offenders must register once a year for 15 years, tier 2 offenders must register twice per year for 25 years, and tier 3 offenders must register four times per year for life.


Can I Get Off the Michigan Sex Offender Registry?

We are often asked to help registered sex offenders determine if there is anything they can do to get off the registry early. Fortunately, the sex offender law in Michigan does allow for some limited opportunities to get off the registry. Not all attorneys have studied the law close enough to know what those opportunities are, as there are many intricacies that go into determining whether a person is eligible to be removed from the registry.

However, The Kronzek Firm’s attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about how to get off the sex offender registry, and have assisted people in being taken off the registry. It is extremely important to hire the right lawyer the first time, because the sex offender law states that once a judge denies a petition for removal from the sex offender registry, the offender can file no more petitions for removal. This means that the offender will be stuck on the registry for up to a lifetime.


What is the Cost?

We understand that money is tight, so our fees for sex offender registry removal are reasonable. Unlike other attorneys, we do not want to waste your money if you don’t qualify to get off the sex offender registry, so we do not collect full attorney’s fees up front. Instead, we have created a screening process where, for only $90, an attorney will review your case and consult with you about whether you are eligible to be removed from the registry. For more information please visit our sex crimes website.

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