Gun Control in Michigan – What Are The Facts? (Part 1)

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The right to own a gun is protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


In the wake of the recent tragic school shooting in Florida, the subject of gun control has been at the forefront of social media and grassroots movements. Some people all over the country are lobbying for stricter control on automatic weapons and more extensive background checks for people purchasing firearms of any kind. However, one of the most confusing aspect of these types of dialogues, is the fact that every state has different laws governing gun control. The state laws are in addition to the federal law. And the county laws. And some municipalities have their own ordinances.


You may read something on your Facebook page that sounds preposterous, without realizing that it’s a law in another state that doesn’t have any effect on Michigan’s gun control laws. Or you might agree with a gun control related suggestion made by someone on TV, without knowing that the specific issue they’re addressing might not apply in our state. So for those of you living here in the Great Lakes state who aren’t sure what Michigan’s current gun laws are, this breakdown is for you…


Let’s start with the most obvious one – guns and schools:


In Michigan, you are not allowed to take a gun into a school (This also applies to churches, federal buildings, bars and sports arenas.) Unless you happen to have a “concealed carry” permit, in which case you ARE allowed to take a gun into a school, but it has to be visible at all times! Note that school parking lots are not covered under the gun-free law. Parents picking up their children from school can carry guns, as long as they don’t enter the school building.


You also need to know that according to a Michigan Court of Appeals ruling, Michigan schools are allowed to create their own firearms rules. Michigan school districts are allowed to ban guns from their buildings if they choose to, and require that anyone with a gun leave the premises immediately. Yes, more gun regulation.


These laws may change in the future…


There is pending legislation that may change these laws. In November of 2017, the Michigan Senate introduced (and passed) controversial legislation that would allow licensed pistol carriers in Michigan to keep their guns with them on school property. This would also apply to all of the other “gun free” zones where firearms are currently prohibited. The reasoning behind this legislation is that if more people are armed, there are more chances for them to defend themselves and their loved ones.


Under this proposed law, the current laws would be turned around. People with concealed carry permits would be allowed to carry concealed weapons in schools, but “open carry” would be banned. Also, school districts would be forbidden from making and enforcing their own gun policies under the proposed law. This bill is currently being considered by the House of Representatives, although there is no knowing whether or not it is likely to gain support. Governor Snyder vetoed a similar bill in 2012.


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Join us next time, as we continue our break down of what the state of Michigan’s current laws are. As we’ve pointed out before, being informed of your rights and the current law is the best way to avoid an unnecessary interaction with the police. As we’ve said, don’t rely on internet blogs for legal advice. Michigan firearms laws change all the time. Some federal weapon laws will change too.


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