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Florida Man Won’t Face Charges In Michigan Rape Case

Statute Of Limitations Has Run Out

William Google, a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, was recently linked through DNA evidence to a 23-year-old rape and kidnapping case in Battle Creek, MI. But as it turns out, he won’t be facing any charges in this Michigan rape case, whether or not he was the perpetrator of the crime.

At the time that the crime was committed, the statute of limitations for rape cases in Michigan was six years. However, a 2001 change in Michigan law removed any statute of limitations on first degree rape cases. “The law changed because of these kinds of cases,” explained Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert in a recent interview. “Right around 1991 DNA was only coming into its own as an investigative tool.”

According to the victim, who still lives in Michigan, she was snatched off the street by two men whom she didn’t know. They proceeded to beat and then rape her behind a house on Yuba St. in Battle Creek. This occurred back in April of 1991. The two men were never caught.

The case remained unsolved until last year, when a felony conviction for failure to pay child support against Google resulted in a DNA sample being taken after arrest. The sample was an unexpected match to evidence taken from the rape victim all those years ago in Battle Creek. Gilbert says that although the match wasn’t a lock, analysis showed it was “a one in 100 quadrillion chance” that the DNA came from someone other than Google.

Google was sent back to Michigan and held in the Calhoun County Jail to await charges on first-degree criminal sexual conduct. But the Prosecutors soon determined that because of the expired statute, Google could not be prosecuted and so was released.

Google has insisted on his innocence and claims that he cooperated fully with the authorities.

“I told them I would take a lie detector test. I told them I would do anything that they wanted,” he said, “I don’t care about the statute of limitations! I’m not a rapist.”

Google remains free, but has consulted with an attorney about possible civil charges. “Somebody is going to pay for this!” he announced.

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