Facial Recognition Software: Is it Safe? And Should it be Allowed in Michigan? (Pt 1)

al recognition software is becoming more widespread. But is it safe to use?

If you’ve ever read Orwell’s 1984, or Huxley’s Brave New World, then you already know how disturbing the idea of a dystopian future is. But for many people, the idea of those concepts stepping off the pages of stories and into the reality we live in is all too real. And facial recognition software is a classic example of controversial technology that both forces us into a new era of development and offers a potentially terrifying price that we will have to pay. Big brother is indeed watching!

Michigan is considering banning this technology.

Earlier this year, State Representative Isaac Robinson introduced bipartisan House Bill 4810 recently, that would put a five year enforced waiting period on facial recognition technology in Michigan. His reasons, he explained, is that there is too much we don’t know about the tech, and too many risks involved in employing it this early. Senate Bill 0342, also introduced this year and sponsored by Senator Peter Lucido, aims to halt the use of facial recognition software by law enforcement agencies in Michigan. But that could prove tricky, since this controversial tech is already widely used in Michigan, including by several police departments.

Facial recognition software is already utilized in many capacities in Michigan…

The Detroit Police Department is only one of several organizations that has been using highly sophisticated facial recognition systems in Michigan for several years now. After some of the more detrimental side effects of the technology came to light, there was a great deal of controversy as to whether or not it should be used, and is it even safe to use. Specifically, the fact that facial recognition software tends to make more errors when identifying the faces of darker complected people, which some say has led to a bias against blacks and other people of color. Proponents of the software deny any racial bias, including Detroit’s African American police chief.  

The city of Detroit has signed off on its use by police!

After months of debate, Detroit Board of Police Commissioners approved the Detroit Police Department’s use of facial recognition technology. The 8 to 3 vote was met with a great deal of frustration from the public, but the Mayor and Chief of Police have both expressed vocal support for the technology. So where does that leave us? Is facial recognition technology going to make life easier and safer for future generations? And at what price will we gain that convenience? Will racial equality be sacrificed in order to achieve safety? Or is there a better way forward…

Many people say the future will only get darker from here on out…

Join us next time for more information on this fascinating debate, and don’t forget – facial recognition software might result in incorrect identification in some cases. Computers and software programs are not perfect but many agree that they are better than eyewitness identification. Without a skilled lawyer to aggressively fight false arrests and sketchy tech, this can result in wrongful convictions. If you or a loved one have falsely or mistakenly accused of a crime in Michigan, you’re going to need first-class help! At The Kronzek Firm, our aggressive criminal defense attorneys have more than a quarter-century of experience fighting for people’s rights, and we’ve got a long track record of success. So call us today at 866 766 5245 (1 866 7NoJail) and let us fight for you. We’re available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Don’t delay – your rights and your future are on the line! 

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