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Category Archives: Burglary Charges

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney—Approximately 1 in 3 people arrested by age 23

According to a study recent article in the medical journal Pediatrics, approximately one out of every three 23 year-olds have been arrested or taken into police custody at least once for a non-traffic offense. Researchers analyzed data from the years 1997 to 2008 and determined that between 25% and 41% of 23 year-olds have had […]

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Michigan Thefts – Police Search for Michigan’s “Mad Hatters”

If you think an elderly woman in a large hat could not possibly be a criminal, think again! For the last year, a group of older women, wearing hats of various colors and shapes, has committed a string of larcenies in the Metro Detroit area. Local police have dubbed these women “the Mad Hatters.” Police […]

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MI Burglary Charges – Michigan Couple Involved in Home Burglaries Arrested By Police

After a lengthy high-speed chase, police arrested a couple suspected of committing dozens of home burglaries throughout West Michigan.

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