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3rd Degree Home Invasion – Third Degree Home Invasion Attorneys

Third Degree Home Invasion Defense

The Kronzek Firm has been defending felony cases in Michigan for approximately two decades. ¬†Our attorneys have around 100 years of combined experience. ¬†Together, we constitute a premiere defense team for any 3rd degree home invasion case. ¬†Actually, we handle all types of criminal cases in both state and federal courts. ¬†We always maintain an on-call attorney with significant criminal defense experience. ¬†If your matter is urgent, don’t hesitate to call after hours.

What is 3rd Degree Home Invasion?

This article will discuss third-degree Home Invasion and the implications and penalties for those charged and convicted of the offense in Michigan. Under Michigan law (MCL 750.110a(4)) Home invasion in the third degree is a felony with a maximum punishment of 5 years or a fine up to $2,000.00, or both.

All crimes are composed of elements.  The elements are the component parts that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt.  The following is a list of the elements of Home Invasion 3rd degree:

Element One

The defendant either:

  • Breaks and enters a dwelling, OR
  • Enters a dwelling without permission.

Element Two

The defendant either:

  • Intends when entering to commit a misdemeanor in the dwelling, OR
  • At any time while entering, present in, or exiting the dwelling commits a misdemeanor, OR
  • While entering, present in, or exiting the dwelling violates any of the following ordered to protect a named person or persons:

a)    probation term or condition, OR

b)    parole term or condition, OR

c)    personal protection order term or condition, OR

d)    bond or bail condition or any condition of pretrial release.

Our Approach to Your Defense:

Actually, every case and every defense we put forth for our clients is individualized, so it is not possible to explain how to defend your case in a web article.  However, we can tell you that we start with a team approach to serious felonies like home invasion.  This means that   all of our cases get the attention of more than one attorney.  We have the benefit of having  highly trained, highly skilled defense attorneys and we constantly review our cases with the defense team.

Also, you are on the team. ¬†We insist that all of our clients work closely with us. ¬†We may know the law and courtroom procedure better than you, but we rely on your input into the facts. ¬†What’s more, we rely on clients input for important strategy decisions. ¬†Working with us, you will be involved every step of the way in your case.

We will study your case carefully, looking for constitutional violations such as Miranda issues of violations of the 4th amendment prohibition against unreasonable search and seizure. ¬†Our attorneys are trained to find defenses that others miss. ¬†When you first retain us, we will begin preparing for trial. ¬†Even when clients don’t want to go to trial, this puts us in a better negotiating position.

In order to win a trial based on the facts of the case, we need to convince the jury that at least one element is not proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  There are a variety of ways we accomplish this, including:

  • Asking the court to suppress critical evidence because of constitutional violation in the investigation.
  • Effectively cross examining prosecution witnesses.
  • Exposing the bias of police witnesses or co-defendants.
  • Challenging laboratory, DNA and fingerprint evidence.
  • Establishing alibi testimony.

Your defense will be specifically tailored to the facts of your case.  This is why it is so important that we work closely together.  Because of this, we insist that all of our attorneys:

  • Maintain regular contact with clients.
  • Return all phone calls promptly.
  • Treat clients with respect.
  • Give each case and each client the attention deserved.

Call for a Free Consultation

Let our expert lawyers mount the vigorous defense you deserve instead of just rolling over and taking a plea. At The Kronzek Firm, we have decades of experience defending Home Invasion cases. Call us for a free consultation at (866) 7-NoJail!. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day for urgent matters.


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