Sometimes Being Arrested Works Out For The Best (Pt. 1)

For some, being in prison has a silver lining, because it helped them better their lives.


Ever heard the saying, ‘A blessing disguised as a curse’? No? It means something that seems terrible, but ends up being good for you. It may seem like a weird concept, but believe it or not, sometimes a bad thing ends up being a good thing. And in this case, the ‘bad thing’ we’re talking about is going to jail.


Wait, what?! Going to jail is a good thing? Nope, that isn’t what we’re saying here. For many people, going to jail ISN’T a good thing. Though, like a lot of things in life, it’s what you make of it. So here are a few examples of people whose time behind bars lead to good things, one way or another.


Darius Clark Monroe: Bank Robber/Film Maker


Monroe was convicted of bank robbery in Texas at age 16, and served three of a five year sentence. His story was compelling, and he wanted to share with the world what would drive a young teen to commit such a dangerous crime. Recently, Monroe completed his debut film – a feature length autobiographical documentary that looks at the many factors that influenced his life, like poverty, and drove him to rob a bank.


The film was produced by Spike Lee, and has been labelled “terrific” by the New Yorker. Monroe is currently touring high schools, detention centers and prisons all over the US, teaching kids about the lifelong impact of their choices.


Jayda Rasberry: Armed Robber/ Social Justice Worker


In 2006, Rasberry was convicted on two counts of armed robbery, and sentenced to six years in the Valley State Prison for Women. Since her release, however, she works as an organizer with Dignity And Power Now. Rasberry saw what she calls the “ugly truth” inside the prison system and has since dedicated herself to reforming criminal justice options.


She has since offered testimonies at the state capital in California, on medical negligence inside of prisons, suicide, and alternatives to imprisonment like ankle bracelets and rehabilitation programs, and preventative mental health services. She also does weekly community outreach and education in directly impacted communities.


Jeremy Meeks: Gang Member/Supermodel


Meek’s life was changed when his mugshot went viral, turning the convicted felon into an overnight internet sensation. The good looking father of three from Stockton was sentenced to 27 months in a federal prison for being a felon in possession of a gun. He was charged with felony weapon and gang related charges.


But thanks to his good looks and a huge fan base that shared and commented on his hunky mugshot while in the can, he was already in talks with modeling agencies when he was released. Meeks has since appeared in a campaign for Israeli sunglasses fashion house “Carolina Lemke”, graced the cover of several magazines, and debuted on the runway at New York Fashion week.


Being behind bars is tough, so make sure your attorney is amazing!


For every person whose life took a positive tur after jail, there are ten more whose lives didn’t change for the better at all. Some of that is circumstance, some of it is personal choice. Either way, being in jail or prison is very hard. And in many cases, it’s totally avoidable! How? By making sure that you have a highly skilled and experienced defense attorney who can aggressively pursue every avenue of your defense for you.

If you or a loved one have been arrested or charged with a crime in Michigan, whether it’s drug-related, a sex crime, or a financial crime, we are here for you. Call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 today and discuss your case with someone who can fight aggressively for your future and your rights.


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