Be Smart! Cops on TV Are Not Cops in Real Life!

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Always remember – cops are not comedians or actors. They take their job seriously and so should you!


There are loads of movies and television shows out there featuring incompetent police officers who bungle all of their investigations and somehow still manage to have jobs while the credits roll. Cops who chase suspects for three blocks before giving up, or ignore criminal activity in favor of another donut. It makes for funny TV certainly, but it also sets a precedent for many people (especially kids) who don’t realize that real life is nothing like they see on TV!


You’ve probably seen at least three movies where the “bad guys” are being chased by the police, and manage to evade them by pulling into a driveway and turning off their lights. The cops cruise right on by, and eventually give up the chase. Or what about the one where the “bad guy” takes off on foot and the overweight officer chases him for half a block and then doubles over, gasping, before throwing in the towel. It’s funny when it happens, but it isn’t real life.


Real cops aren’t comedy actors. They take their jobs very seriously!


If a police officer tries to pull you over and you speed up to get away, that officer is unlikely to just shrug and decide to let you go. If you try to hide your vehicle in a parking lot or driveway when the cops are chasing you, you should assume that they have your license plate, and that they’re going to keep looking, possibly for hours or days. And if they stop looking (because something more pressing comes up) know that they’ll be passing your information on, so other cops can keep an eye out for you in future! The problem doesn’t just go away. Ever!


If you are attempting to flee and evade the police,  and you get out of your car and run, a TV cop may give up if the terrain is hard or the going gets tough. Real cops here in Michigan are very different from their television counterparts. You could rush off into the woods, or into a swamp, but chances are, within a short time there would be lots of officers, dogs and helicopters swarming all over the place. In fact, an Mlive article published a few days ago explains this perfectly.


A wanted suspect was found, after a multi-agency hunt.


The man in question was pulled over on an outstanding arrest warrant. But he assaulted the police officer and fled the area, attempting to lose his pursuers a a nearby cedar swamp. The Manistee County Sheriff’s deputy who had pulled him over called for backup. Soon the area was crawling with officers and other officials who were all searching for the suspect.

The DNR, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, several Michigan State Police K-9 units, officers from the U.S. Forest Service, and the U.S. Coast Guard were all involved in that search. After more than three hours, the suspect was found. He allegedly refused to leave the area voluntarily, and had to be carried out by several agents before being treated for hypothermia and then carted off to the county jail.


The results of running from the police are never good!


In the end, the suspect is going to have to face far more than just the original outstanding arrest warrant that got him pulled over in the first place. Assaulting a police officer and running away from an arresting officer are both against the law in Michigan. Those actions are likely to result in additional charges like fleeing and eluding or resisting arrest.  We understand that the prospect of going to jail is scary, and no one wants to give up their freedom. But running away or trying to hurt an officer is ALWAYS a bad idea.


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