Really Strange Defense Strategies That Actually Worked!

Defense attorneys have to think outside the box if they’re going to be successful!


If they’re going to be good at their jobs, criminal defense attorneys have to be creative. They have to be strategists who can think outside the box. Why? Because they’re fighting an uphill battle, and the system is often stacked against them. With that in mind, we thought we’d share a few really interesting and unconventional defense strategies from recent history that have actually worked.


Lorena Bobbit

You’ve probably heard of this one (most people have!) Lorena Bobbitt was the woman who attacked her sleeping husband with a kitchen knife, and cut off his penis. She then jumped into her car, drove out of town, and tossed the severed member into a field. Why? Because she had endured years of abuse at his hands. She did call 911 though, after realizing the enormity of what she had done.


According to Lorena’s testimony, John Bobbit had emotionally, sexually and physically abused her for years. He flaunted his infidelities, stole her earnings and spent them, battered her, and threatened her. On the night that she butchered him, he had allegedly raped her. Because John’s testimony had more holes in it that Swiss cheese, and he couldn’t keep his story straight, the prosecution’s argument was seriously weakened. In the end, the jury found Lorena not guilty due to insanity causing an irresistible impulse to sexually wound John.


Identical Twins

Identical twins are widely known to pull pranks, switch places, and pretend to be one other to confuse friends and family. But Sathis Raj and Sabarish Raj took their role-switching to another level. Or at least, one of them did…


One of the brothers was charged with trafficking 166 pounds of marijuana into Malaysia. However, the court was never able to determine which one it was. Both brothers denied it and claimed it was their twin who was guilty. Police weren’t able to prove which one it was because the DNA evidence simply proved that one of them had been present. As a result, they avoided hanging, which was the punishment.


Matrix Insanity

When police questioned Tonda Lynn Ansley of Hamilton, Ohio, about the shooting death of her landlady, Ansley admitted she had done it. Her reason? The landlady had been part of a scheme to brainwash and murder Ansley herself. She also told police that “they commit a lot of crimes in the Matrix.”


Her defense attorney argued that Ansley couldn’t be guilty because she was suffering from insanity. His explanation was that, “Our world is just an illusion generated by our machine overlords.” The result? The jury found Ansley not guilty by reason of mental defect.


Awake or Asleep?

Kenneth Parks stabbed his mother-in-law to death on the night of May 23rd, 1987. There was never a question about who committed the crime, because as soon as it was over, Parks drove himself to the local police station and turned himself in. Upon his arrival, he announced to officers that he thought he may have killed someone. But he wasn’t sure…


How could he be unsure of such an extreme act? Because according to his attorney, he was asleep when he did it. Although his defense was met with extreme skepticism, an EEG (which is a brain wave test)  revealed that Parks suffered from abnormal brain activity. That was indicative of extreme parasomnia (which refers to all of the abnormal things that can happen to a person while they’re sleeping.) This, combined with a total lack of motivation, resulted in an acquittal for Parks.


The importance of a good defense attorney

Although these types of defenses are extremely rare, and shouldn’t be taken as examples of a usual defense, they’re good examples of how important it is to have an experienced defense attorney that will pull out all the stops in crafting your defense strategy. Hard work, ferocity and dedication are important, but sometimes they just aren’t enough! You also need creativity, experience, and access to a wide range of experts in order to strategize a really strong defense.


If you or a loved one have been accused of a crime in Michigan, find a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney! One that is respected in the courts, has access to a wide array of expert witnesses, and is creative in their approach to strategy. You need The Kronzek Firm! Call us at 866 766 5245. We are here to fight for your future!


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