New ‘Right to Carry’ Legislation Introduced in Michigan House

Should legal gun owners need a separate concealed carry permit?


A new ‘right to carry’ bill has been introduced in the Michigan House. If passed, the law would allow law-abiding Michigan citizens to carry concealed pistols without having to get a ‘concealed pistol’ license (CPL). Under current Michigan law, a person who has a (CPL) gun license may carry their weapon on their person concealed from plain view of others. Certain areas are excepted from permissible areas to carry weapons. These include schools, bars, houses of worship and other places that are listed in the statute.


However, the simple act of putting on a coat that obscures the gun holster on a person’s hip would immediately put them in violation of the law if they don’t also have a ‘concealed carry‘ permit. This law would change that.


Responsible people shouldn’t have to obtain a special permit from the government to exercise a right that is guaranteed in both the U.S. and state constitutions.” says State Representative Michele Hoitenga. He is one of the four state reps sponsoring the four-bill package. Joining her are Representatives Triston Cole of Mancelona, Sue Allor of Wolverine and Pamela Hornberger of Chesterfield Township.


“Other states have recently passed full constitutional carry laws, and I plead to my colleagues and our governor to pass this commonsense package that will allow law abiding women, like myself, to protect ourselves and our families without jumping through bureaucratic hoops.” Hoitenga went on. “Criminals don’t complete the permitting process before they commit a crime, and it’s time we level the playing field for lawful people who want nothing more than to protect their families.”


With regard to the fact that the act of putting on a coat, which is hardly optional in a Michigan winter, makes a law-abiding citizen into a law-breaker, Representative Allor calls it ‘nonsense’. She goes on to explain that a responsible gun owner shouldn’t have to apply for a special permit just to wear a jacket when outside exploring or hiking in nature.


Legal gun owners shouldn’t need a separate permit in order to conceal their weapons. The right to carry should be enough, House Reps say.


For those of you wondering how this would change the current permitting structure in Michigan, the answer is “not much.” According to Representative Hornberger, the state would continue to issue concealed carry permits, however this legislation would eliminate the need to obtain a state-issued license to carry.


If you are a permit owner who travels, don’t worry – they’ve thought of that too. The current permitting structure won’t change, which means that Michigan CPL holders will be able to carry in other states that recognize a Michigan gun permit.


According to representatives who sponsored the bill-package, which was developed with assistance from the recently formed Second Amendment Caucus, the goal is to reforming Michigan firearm laws. In the words of Representative Hornberger, “People deserve to have the rights our Founding Fathers laid out for us in the U.S. Constitution, especially the right to bear arms. The fees required by the current law amount to a tax that infringes on this fundamental right.”


As criminal defense attorneys with decades of accumulated skill and practical knowledge in defending those accused of gun and weapon crimes, we pay particular attention to changes in Michigan gun law. As such, we will continue to watch these bills, and will keep you updated with no developments as they progress. Call our main office if you find yourself charged with a weapons violation. We can be reached at 1 800-576-6036.

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