My Ex Lied About Me, But I’m Not a Stalker! (Pt 2)

Stalking in the animal world is very natural, but in the human world it can get you into a lot of trouble.

Hi there and welcome back. We’ve been talking about the challenges involved in being falsely accused of stalking someone here in Michigan. As we mentioned in the previous article, being lied about sucks! But you can’t take the law into your own hands – you absolutely have to get help from an experienced Michigan attorney to help you sort this mess out. (Preferably one who can handle cases that overlap from the PPO case to the criminal court and into the family court, as these cases often do.)

What does it mean if there’s a PPO out against me?

If your ex told the court you’re a threat, and got a restraining order (which could be either a standard PPO, or an emergency PPO) from the circuit court, then it doesn’t matter whether you live in Lansing, Howell, or Jackson, there are some restrictions you’ll have to follow to avoid immediate arrest. Here’s what your PPO may limit or prohibit for you:

  • Entering your ex’s home or other places, like their job;
  • Assaulting, attacking, beating, molesting, injuring or harming them or any other person specifically named in the PPO;
  • Making verbal or written threats to kill, or physically injure them or another named person
  • Taking their children from them, unless you have legal and physical custody;
  • Buying, owning or possessing a gun;
  • Interfering with your ex when they’re removing your children or personal property from a home you own or lease;
  • Interfering with them at their job or school, or doing anything that harms their job, or jeopardises their school relationships or environment;
  • Stalking them, which includes following them or watching them from a distance;
  • Intentionally causing them mental distress or controlling them by harming or threatening to harm a pet they own, taking and keeping their pet from them;
  • Any number of other specific acts or behaviors that interfere with their personal freedom, or makes them reasonably afraid of something violent happening.

What happens if they claim I violated the restraining order?

If your ex claims you violated the terms of the Personal Protection Order (like showing up at their work, or following them home from the grocery store), they can report it to the cops. Even if there’s no proof and the whole “violation” was entirely made up. So what does that mean for you? Chances are, it means the cops will show up at your home, or your job and arrest you. The police don’t need an arrest warrant because there is a PPO in place.

The other process that might come in to place is that the police or the victim simply schedule a court date for you to see the judge and defend yourself. It could mean you’ll either have to miss work while you sit in jail and wait for your arraignment, or you’ll have to fork out a bunch of money to pay bail. We’re not going to lie, it’s the pits! But that’s why you need a really good PPO defense attorney very quickly. When there is an allegation that a personal protection order was violated, hearings are scheduled pretty quickly. There is not much time to waste. Get your defense team in place immediately.,

Don’t take this lying down! Get a tough attorney and fight it!

Being lied about is awful. But when the consequences of that lie cost you money and time and maybe even your job, it’s even worse. But it can be very hard to get the courts to listen to your side of the story, and that’s where we come in. If you’ve been unfairly or falsely accused of violating a PPO, or of a crime you didn’t commit, you’re in for a big fight, and you need a warrior on your side! So call 866 766 5245 (1 877 7NoJail) and talk to one of our experienced trial lawyers. We’ve helped people from all over Michigan, including Alma, St. Johns, East Lansing, Dewitt, Adrian, Rockford and Grand Ledge. We can help you too.

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