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Michigan Man Accused of Making “Vegas Style” Terror Threats!

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Vegas is iconic, and known for many things. Unfortunately, in the wake of the shooting, the associations are very sad, and very scary


In the wake of the recent Las Vegas shootings, many law enforcement agencies across the country are on high alert. And who can blame them? The Vegas shooting left no less than 58 people dead and another 400 injured, making it the most deadly mass shooting in US history. That is probably why, when one Michigan man threatened to shoot up a Cascade Township business “like they did in Vegas” the police took the threat very seriously!


36-year-old David Robert Seastrom applied for a job with Teleperformance, a call center operator with locations across the US, including Michigan. Due to his criminal history, he was denied the position, a fact that he repeatedly told the company was unacceptable to him. Court records show that he called the company no less than three times to express his displeasure.


During the last phone conversation, Seastom is alleged to have left a message saying that he was very upset at not getting the job, and that he would “kill you as you all walk out of work, just like they did in Vegas.’’ He then wrapped up the call by saying, “You are all so (expletive), you don’t even know who you’re messing with!” Employees at the call center contacted police immediately to report the threat.


Seastom was arrested, and has since been charged with Making a False Report or Threat of Terrorism” which is a 20 year felony in Michigan. He is currently being held in the Kent County Jail on a $1-million bond. Seastrom has a prior record, which court documents describe as an “assaultive criminal history” (which is the issue that started this whole situation to begin with). This includes assaulting a prison guard while serving time for a previous probation violation..


The law in Michigan treats threats of terrorism, and false threats of terrorism as very serious crime. In fact, even if the person making the threat had no intention of following through on the threat, or even any way to accomplish it, they can still be charged with the crime. That aside,

local law enforcement officers also consider threats of terror to be crimes that must be handled with severity. In this day and age, making threats is just plain stupid.


Under Michigan law, an act of terrorism is defined as any of the following:

  • A violent felony under the laws of this state, whether or not it’s committed in this state;
  • An act that the person knows or has reason to know is dangerous to human life; and
  • An act that is intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, or influence or affect the conduct of government, or a unit of government through intimidation or coercion.


It’s important to remember that while free speech is protected by our constitution, terror threats are not! Even if you don’t mean to hurt anyone, or had no intention of causing damage to people or property, making threats that cause fear or incite chaos are very likely to result in criminal charges.


Seastrom may not have intended to harm anyone when he threatened to shoot people as they left the call center, but the fact that he threatened to do so is enough in the eyes of the law. Seastrom has been bound over to the circuit court in Grand Rapids now. It remains to be seen how this situation will be handled, and whether or not this particular man is looking at a lifetime behind bars or not.


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