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MI Sex Crimes – Michigan Woman To Serve Up To 30 Years For Sex With Biological Son

Many of the people who seek legal assistance do so after being confronted by law enforcement officials for a variety of criminal charges including sex offenses with a minor. After years of practicing law, experienced sex crime lawyers in Michigan may think they have seen it all. However, cases involving certain types of incest (sexual relations between relatives) are particularly rare and scandalous. A recent example of this is a case in which a Michigan woman was taken into custody after being accused of having sex with her biological teenage son.

Mother Uses Social Networking to Develop Sexual Relationship With Biological Son

Detroit area resident Aimee Sword was 20 years-old when she gave her son up for adoption. After failing to receive an update from the adoptive family in 2008, Sword used the social networking site Facebook to track down her biological child. During this time, Sword and the 16 year-old maintained a very different relationship than that of a mother and son–the two reportedly had sexual intercourse multiple times in Waterford Township and Grand Rapids.

It was not until the teen reported the incidents to a school counselor that law enforcement officials were alerted to the sexual relationship between the boy and Sword. Immediately afterward the now 36 year-old was arrested, charged with four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and eventually pled guilty to one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in Michigan. As a result of her guilty plea, Sword is facing life-changing consequences. The judge sentenced her to serve nine to 30 years in prison for her involvement with the boy. Additionally, because incest is considered taboo, her reputation will suffer long after her prison sentence is over. Furthermore, she will have many years of reporting under the Michigan Sex Offender Registration Act.

Persons who need to protect yourself against these negative consequences need to seek the best legal defense possible to assist them with their case. Hard-working and knowledgeable sex crime attorneys in Michigan will not only provide answers to your legal questions, but will also provide the kind of superior legal representation necessary to safeguard your personal freedoms and liberties.

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