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MI Murder Charges – Ex-Con Suspected of Killing Senior Citizen Arrested by Police

According to experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers, one of the most heinous crimes to be accused of is homicide. In the state of Michigan, there are a number of charges under this category (First Degree murder, Second Degree murder, manslaughter, etc), all with varying consequences. Regardless of the charge, any homicide conviction will almost certainly carry severe punishments, specifically a lengthy prison sentence. This is particularly true if the suspected murderer is a repeat offender or currently on parole, such as the recent case of an ex-convict who has been formally charged in the strangling of a senior citizen.

In February 2010, 84 year-old Charles Taylor of Warren was found by law enforcement officials lying dead in his home. An account in The Detroit News states that police were sent there after his daughter reported that she was not able to contact him. A medical autopsy revealed that the elderly man had been strangled. It also provided DNA evidence leading police to Pontiac resident Paul Pozniak, 52, who was promptly arrested on Michigan murder charges in the first degree, as well as felony murder and larceny.

Robbery was the motive in the attack

Primary investigation of the incident has lead detectives to suspect that robbery was the motive in the attack on Taylor–each bedroom in the home was looted, and his wallet was missing.

Court documents revealed that Pozniak has an extensive criminal history dating back to the 1970’s. When arrested for the murder of Charles Taylor, he was on parole for Michigan drug charges. If convicted of the newest crime, it is almost certain that Pozniak will face serious consequences, due to the severity of the accusations against him and his previous record. When in a situation similar to that of Paul Pozniak, it is essential to be proactive in securing the best legal defense for your case. Contacting aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorneys can provide knowledgeable legal advice and tactical representation designed to protect your beloved personal rights and freedoms.

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