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MI Gun Charges – Ex-Michigan House Speaker Arrested For Gun Possession

Being arrested for criminal charges is difficult for anyone to go through once, let alone multiple times. Michigan criminal defense lawyers have seen it first hand–conviction of criminal charges will change your life permanently, possibly resulting in a loss of job, scarred reputation, and even jail time. Those subject to the most scrutiny are accused politicians because their occupations are based on creating and upholding the law. However, as seen in the case of a former Michigan Speaker of the House, the public (and the courts for that matter) are less likely to be forgiving when it comes to repeat criminal offenses.

In February 2010, the former House Speaker, Craig DeRoche, was arrested in Saline on Michigan DUI charges. Just two weeks ago, the courts sentenced him to serve six months probation for impaired driving.

Despite coming to a resolution on the drunk driving charges, the ex-politician is back in police custody. In the early hours of Sunday morning, DeRoche’s wife phoned law enforcement officials telling them that she was scared for the safety of their three children. While she was out of town, the kids were in DeRoche’s care, who allegedly sounded severely intoxicated on the phone when she called.

DeRoche claimed that he had done nothing wrong

When police arrived at the scene, DeRoche immediately fled into a wooded area to evade officers. According to The Detroit Free Press, he broke into his locked home shortly afterward, removing his .40 caliber handgun from the safe before handing it over to his mother-in-law. By the time law enforcement officials located DeRoche, he continuously claimed that he had done nothing wrong. Despite his best attempts, police arrested him on Michigan gun charges.

Besides being held accountable for unlawful gun use, DeRoche may also be punished for violating the terms of his probation. As a result of his previous impaired driving conviction, the ex-politician was sentenced to serve six months probation and pay a hefty fine. However, the court also ordered him to refrain from alcohol or controlled substances, as well as attend abuse meetings and take random alcohol and drug tests. On the night of his arrest, law enforcement officials registered his blood alcohol content to be 0.13, above the legal limit in Michigan. Should this be proved in court, is likely that DeRoche could face additional charges, as he would have violated the terms of his probation.

Accusations of criminal charges are hard for anyone to shake-off, regardless of social status. However, a person’s problems will immediately intensify if they are suspected and convicted more than once. Becoming a repeat offender will add further restrictions on your personal liberties, including increasing probationary or jail time required. To protect yourself against these harsh punishments, it is essential to be pro-active in securing the best defense for your case. Contacting hard-working Michigan criminal defense attorneys can provide superior legal advice and legal representation, as well as ensure that your rights and freedoms are securely protected.

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