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MI Burglary Charges – Michigan Couple Involved in Home Burglaries Arrested By Police

For children, taking items that do not belong to them may result in a time-out, or other small punishment. While youngsters may not view this as a criminal act, failure to learn the lesson that you should not take items belonging to others can have serious legal consequences when that child becomes an adult. As experienced Michigan defense lawyers, we represent many cases where a defendant is accused of unlawfully entering a residence or business with the intent of stealing or committing criminal activity. Under Michigan law, such a person would be charged with burglary and could face significant consequences, if convicted.

Burglary Suspects Lead Police On Dangerous Chase

Such a case seen in recent news involves the arrest of a Michigan couple suspected of committing dozens of burglaries throughout West Michigan. Law enforcement officials did not have an easy time apprehending suspects John and Denise Metzelburg. The pair led the police on a ten mile, high-speed chase involving gun fire. It was only after the escaping vehicle crashed that law enforcement officials were able to arrest and detain them.

While investigating the Metzelburg residences, law enforcement officials discovered thousands of dollars worth of property, including firearms, electronic equipment, and cash. The size of some items, as well as the number of items taken, lead detectives to believe that the Metzelburg’s had help in their heists. While the couple awaits court proceedings for the burglary charges against them, police are taking an inventory of recovered items and attempting to match them with the rightful owners.

Under Michigan law, any person who breaks and enters a building with intent to commit a felony or larceny therein is guilty of a felony such as Breaking and Entering or Home Invasion. The penalties for Home Invasion can be up to 20 years in prison.

Because the consequences for burglary charges in Michigan are so severe, those accused of this crime should be proactive in securing the best legal advice and legal representation possible. Contacting experienced and knowledgeable Michigan criminal defense attorneys is essential to ensuring that your rights are upheld in court, keeping you at home with the family and not behind bars.

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