MI Arson Charges – Police Investigate an Ypsilanti Man Arrested For Arson

Playing with fire may be amusing, but experienced criminal defense lawyers in Michigan warn all to be careful: failure to do so, and you can easily get burned–both literally and in the eyes of the law. Being arrested for arson, particularly if the subsequent fires resulted in personal injury or death, is a big deal. If convicted, many harsh legal consequences will undoubtedly follow such as fines or even jail time. The punishments pending against a person will only intensify if police have evidence that the suspect is responsible for more than one fire.

The most recent case, involving an abandoned house in Augusta Township, immediately brought both firefighters and police to the scene. On arrival, law enforcement officials noticed a 45 year-old Ypsilanti man standing outside the home as it burned. From initial questioning, Michigan State Police Sgt. Chris Pascoe suspected that he had a hand in the fire. “He was just around the scene, and the trooper started talking to him and developed information that led him to believe he was responsible for the fire based on the statements he made,” Pascoe explained. Eventually, the suspect confessed to lighting the house on fire and the police officer arrested him on Michigan arson charges.

It is too early to call him a person of interest

Also based on the statements the suspect made to officers, investigators are starting to wonder if he could also be responsible for other fires in the area as well. Certainly, Washtenaw County Fire Department has had its work cut out for them in recent months. Earlier this year, a string of house fires were reported in both Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, one resulting in the death of a 22 year-old Eastern Michigan University student. Although police are currently investigating whether this suspect had a role in the suspicious house fires, University of Michigan Police spokeswoman Diane Brown says it is too early to call him a person of interest.

As seen by the example of this Ypsilanti man, the consequences can be severe if suspected of arson, particularly if police believe you are responsible for multiple fires. Not only will you be subjected to numerous fines, but you could also face significant jail time. To protect yourself from these consequences, it is important to be pro-active in securing the best legal defense for your case. Contacting hard-working and aggressive criminal defense attorneys in Michigan can ensure sound legal advice and legal representation, designed to keep you at home with family and not behind bars.

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