In Love and On The Run: Michigan’s Most Wanted

In the words of Deputy U.S. Marshal Justin Efthemiou, “History has plenty of Bonnie & Clydes.” And he’s right. But, as he is quick to point out, “…most of them don’t end so gloriously.” What he is referring to, of course, is Michigan’s most recent addition to the list – a couple in love and on the run together.

Paula Calderon and Rasheed Sykes, who the U.S. Marshals are calling some of west Michigan’s most wanted, are described as being a criminal mastermind and a violent felon, which authorities are concerned makes them a lethal pair.

Apparently the pair escaped a halfway house together in September of 2013, signing out for work and then never returning. Authorities say that the escape was well planned and executed. They were dropped off in the parking lot of their respective work locations, but then met up somewhere and had alternative transportation lined up. They haven’t been seen since.

He has a history of robberies and drug dealing

According to Efthemiou, Sykes has had a “…troubled youth since he was 17 and he has a long history of domestic violence. He has a history of robberies, drug dealing and resisting and obstructing police.” He is apparently supposed to be serving time on felony gun charges for a drug deal that went bad, resulting in his being shot in the back.

Calderon is the duo’s criminal mastermind, with a history of stealing checks and “washing” them, before reprinting them with her own information. She then used them to purchase gift cards at department stores which would in turn be used to purchase assorted merchandise. “They would take the merchandise they purchased with the gift card, take it back and try to get cash with it”, Efthemiou explains. Which is how she stole money, and while the method sounds rather long winded, it apparently worked well.

“She’s a chameleon, she can blend in anywhere. She looks like just about anyone you see on the street and she can provide documentation that is just good enough to get her by, and unfortunately because of this she can still be committing this mail fraud,” he says of Calderon. With their combined criminal histories and skill sets, the marshalls are operating under the assumption that by now the couple has assumed new identities and are possibly even living out of the state.

Paula Calderon is 5’1″, 160 Lbs. She has hazel eyes and brown hair. Her most common alias is Paula Reagan, although she apparently has used many aliases over the years. Sykes is 5’11”, 175 Lbs with brown eyes and black hair. He has several distinguishing tattoos, including the words ‘Outlaw’ on his left forearm, ‘Grim Reaper’ on his chest and ‘Ghetto Soldier’ across his abdomen. Authorities say that they are armed and dangerous.

So regardless of how glamorously Hollywood may paint the picture of living life on the run, from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to the Lonely Hearts Killers, while they may have gotten away with it for a while, they all eventually ended up getting caught.

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