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Living in The Age of The ‘Active Shooter Scare’ What Happens Now For Michigan?

With the rising number of school shootings, what’s next for Michigan?

You probably read the news, which means you already know all about the active shooter scare on U of M’s campus last month. A bunch of sorority members popping balloons and screaming during a vigil for those who lost their lives in the New Zealand mosque shooting turned into a maelstrom of cops and rumors and terrified University of Michigan students running for their lives. It was a disaster, but not one that cost anyone their lives. However, it brought to light some of the issues in the university’s “active shooter” response system. And more than that, it made it apparent how ‘normalized’ the idea of an active shooter in schools is for us today.

2018 was the “worst year” for guns in schools.

According to the US Center for Homeland Defense and Security, there were a total of 94 gun violence incidents in schools around the U.S. in 2018. It was by far the worst year for gun-related violent attacks in schools here in the U.S. Michigan is certainly not exempt from that statistic. But what does that mean moving forward? How do these numbers affect the people of Michigan, and their rights and freedoms?

Gun rights have come under heavy fire in recent years.

With the growing number of gun-related incidents in schools in America, the issue of gun rights is at the forefront of many people’s minds. “Will I lose my right to own a gun because of school shootings?” is a question many people in Michigan are asking. And it’s a legitimate concern. After all, gun rights in Michigan have been a controversial subject in recent years, as have rights for gun owners in every state. Red flag laws and universal background checks being the two most common subjects of debate.

Michigan gun laws are complex, and change often!

Numerous bills were introduced last year that aimed to tighten gun control in Michigan. None of them passed. Now, in 2019, the issue is up for debate again, with a new crop of gun bills being introduced just last month. House bills 4283-4285 and Senate Bills 156-158 would introduce red flag laws to Michigan, allowing immediate family members, law enforcement, and numerous other people to ask a judge for an order to temporarily take possession of a person’s firearms (and stop them from buying new ones!) if they were considered to “pose a serious risk” to themselves or others.

School shootings have consequences beyond the tragic loss of life

School shootings are horrific. Lives are lost, and children are traumatized. It’s devastating, no matter how you look at it. But the consequences of those events reach far beyond the schools where they happen. The changing tide of public opinion puts long-held constitutional rights at risk, and many people are worried. Will Michigan fall prey to the same fear as California and New Jersey (known for having the strictest gun laws in the nation)? Do those gun control laws work. (Not if you believe the homicide by gun statistics from Chicago which is said to have the toughest gun laws in America!) Only time will tell.

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