A criminal defense attorney for a troubled teen often takes on the role of mentor. Early intervention can get a teen back on the right path.

It’s Always Worth Trying to Help a Teenager in Trouble

Last week, the playground at New Covenant Christian School in Lansing was the target of vandalism and graffiti. This neighborhood gathering spot has been hit more than 20 times in the past year with damage ranging from spray paint to breakage of the playground equipment. While we do not know if this is the case here, oftentimes the perpetrators turn out to be teenagers looking for thrills and notoriety. That is when a criminal defense attorney gets the opportunity to put on a second hat: that of guide and mentor. This is an aspect of being a criminal defense lawyer that many people don’t often associate with attorneys.

I take the responsibility of mentor very seriously

When I am confronted with a teen in trouble, I take the responsibility of mentor very seriously. As the parent of four, I know how easily kids can get in with the wrong crowd and get sidetracked from the “right path.” A teen in this situation needs more than a good defense lawyer. He (or she) may need counseling, extra help with school, or an alternative to that “wrong crowd.” Early intervention and guidance has the potential to turn a troublemaking teen back onto the road of becoming a responsible, productive adult.

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