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Is Your Smartphone Going to Testify Against You in Court? (Pt 2)

You’s be amazed at how much data your phone tracks, and your whereabouts are only part of that package!

Hi there, remember us from the previous article on how your smartphone knows more about you than your best friend? (Don’t worry, if you’ve forgotten you can always check your phone – it never forgets anything!) And now that you’ve had your memory jogged a little, do you recall the fact that current U.S. federal law requires that ALL working cell phones broadcast geolocation data at all times, even if you’ve disabled your phones ability to share that info with other apps? Good. Because that’s very important.

Now consider that from an evidence standpoint…

Most people take their phones everywhere with them. They don’t think about the data their phone is collecting – instead, they think about the fact that they need to be able to make calls, receive and send texts, check their email, and use GPS to get around. People tend to think about their phones in terms of the conveniences they provide. Very few of us in Michigan actually think about their phones in terms of how much info they’re collecting. But that’s exactly what they’re doing. So why would that matter to you? Because if you’re ever charged with a crime, this little fact is going to matter a lot!

Your phone can tell the cops where you were – good or bad!

Let’s say a store in Grand Rapids was robbed at gunpoint. You happen to match the description of the suspect, and so a couple of days later the cops swing by your work and pick you up. They’ve got some questions they want to ask, so because you’re smart, you call your attorney and refuse to talk until they arrive. You did lawyer up, right? Now, let’s say you tell the Grand Rapids cops you weren’t even anywhere near Kent County that day – you were visiting your friend in Lansing. Well, unless you happened to forget your phone at home that day, then it’ll either prove that you’re innocent because of your alibi defense, or it’ll prove that you’re a liar.

That’s why the criminal defense attorney you choose is so important.

This may seem like a shameless plug for The Kronzek Firm, but it’s actually not. Why? Because the way evidence is used to support your claims of innocence (or refuted to fight on your behalf) makes all the difference. Geolocation data is only required to be accurate up to 30 feet. So while your phone can place you in the vicinity of a crime, it isn’t going to pinpoint you at the scene. Or, if it does, that claim could be argued on the grounds that your phone isn’t that accurate (many phones aren’t.) So hiring a highly respected and aggressive criminal defense attorney who knows how to make the most of the evidence that defends you, and how to argue against the evidence that doesn’t, can have a huge impact on how your case pans out.

At The Kronzek Firm, we only offer the best.

When you enter into a working relationship with The Kronzek Firm, you’re getting a lot more than just a really good defense lawyer. You’re putting a warrior on your team. You’re getting access to a whole host of experts and highly regarded professionals who can provide expert testimony for you at trial. Plus, you’re getting a group of highly skilled and respected criminal attorneys who work as a team, discussing our cases together so that we benefit from the experience of our trusted colleagues. So if you’ve been accused of a crime in Michigan, and you need help from an attorney with a long record of success, call 877 677 5245 today. We;re available 24/7 to help you through this difficult time. Remember, the right attorney is critical. We’re available 24/7 at 1 866-7NoJail.  

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