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Important Facts You Need to Know About Gun Laws in Michigan! (Pt 2)

A close up picture of four bullets, three lying on their side and one standing up. The reference is Michigan's firearm rights and gun laws.
Michigan’s gun laws can be super confusing, especially with so much new legislation in the mix. So what’s fact and what’s fiction?

Thanks for joining us again for this discussion about gun laws in Michigan. As we pointed out in the previous article, the issue of gun safety is a very hot topic right now, which means there’s a lot of conflicting and confusing information flying around online. People tend to forget, when searching for info on the internet, that Google isn’t only going to give you information that’s relevant specifically to our state unless you search properly.

So if you have questions about buying a gun in Grand Rapids, or getting a CPL in Livingston County, you have to make sure you’re getting good info. With that in mind, we’ll jump right back into our top 10 things you need to know about gun laws in Michigan…

3. “Where can I carry my gun in Michigan?”

There are certain places in Michigan where a licensed gun owner is prohibited from carrying their firearm. Usually this applies to both ‘open carry’ (where your weapon can be seen) and ‘concealed carry’ (where your weapon is hidden from view).

You may not carry a gun in any of the following places under Michigan law:

Banks, Casinos, Churches, Courts, Daycare centers, Hospitals, Sports Arenas, Theatres, or any establishment that has a liquor license.

Although guns are not allowed on school properties under Michigan law, parents and legal guardians with concealed carry permits are allowed to carry their gun in their vehicle with them when picking up or dropping off a child at school. That doesn’t mean, however, that they may take that gun into the school with them. So if you’re picking up your kids at school in Bloomfield, Ionia or Okemos, remember to leave your gun locked in your car, even if you have a permit (CPL) to carry it! Federal law is a little different though.

You may not carry a gun in any of the following places under Federal law:

Federal Courthouses, National Cemeteries, Federal Prisons, Military Bases, Amtrak, Post Office Buildings, Native American Reservations, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Property, national parks and any other building owned, rented or leased by the Federal Government.

4.  “How can I carry my gun in Michigan?

How you carry your weapon depends on the type of gun permit you have. ‘Open carry’ means you are carrying a holstered weapon with you, but it’s visible to others around you. In Michigan, as long as you are allowed to carry a firearm, your intent is lawful, and your weapon isn’t concealed, there isn’t a law against it.

However, ‘carrying concealed’ (called CCW) means that your weapon is hidden from public view. This could mean it’s in a holster on your belt but under a coat, or in a coat pocket, or in a bag or purse. To carry a concealed weapon in Michigan you need to have a CPL, concealed carry permit. To get a concealed carry permit here in the Great Lakes State, you have to be 21 or older, pay the required fee, get checked out and you complete the required firearms safety course.

Keeping up with changing gun laws can be a daunting prospect!

The law changes regularly, especially during these uncertain times. So it can be confusing and a little scary for Michigan residents who may not know what the current law says about gun ownership, or maybe aren’t accustomed to new restrictions. Here at The Kronzek Firm we understand your concerns about your gun rights, and the challenges you face when trying to restore your gun rights in Michigan. But we’ve got your back. We know the Second Amendment inside and out.

If you or a loved one have been accused of a gun-related crime, or want to buy a gun but the law says you’ve lost your rights, we can help. Our aggressive and hard working criminal defense attorneys have spent decades helping people fight for their rights, and defend themselves against weapons charges. It’s not a task for the faint hearted or weak willed. So if this sounds like your situation, call 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) immediately to make sure you have the right team battling for your future. And don’t forget to join us next time for the wrap up on important facts you need to know about gun laws in Michigan!

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