Getting Charged with a Crime in Michigan Might End up Costing You LOTS of Money (Pt 1)

Unless you happen to have a small fortune lying around, you should probably stay on the right side of the law.

When the cops arrest you and charge you with a crime, the first place most people’s thoughts go is to the loss of time and freedom that comes with that. Being arrested and later possibly convicted usually sometimes means spending time behind bars, and also at least some portion of time on parole or probation. But what few people seem to think about, at least up front, is the financial cost. Being arrested can be expensive, and fighting those charges has a price tag (which only gets larger if you’re actually convicted.) Lots of people tell us that being locked up is much more expensive than fighting and winning criminal cases. And that’s what we want to talk to you about today – the money.

Being accused of a crime might end up costing you serious money!

Bail Bonds:

Once you’ve been arrested, you’ll have a hearing where the Judge or magistrate will determine how much bail or bond you have to put up to be released until your next court date. The court is supposed to look at a list of factors to decide that. Some of the important bond factors include the specific criminal charge,  flight risk, prior criminal record and ties to the community. Bond can be set as a cash bond, cash or surety, 10% of the cash amount, or other. In any event, this often means cash outlay either on your own or a bail bond agent fee.If you’re deemed responsible and can prove that you have “ties to the community” you’ll be granted bail because there is a presumption in favor of granting bond. Which is sometimes not cheap. Think hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of you the alleged crime. And no, bail doesn’t mean you’re paying your way out of incarceration. It simply means you don’t have to sit in jail while you go through the trial process. You can still be sentenced to do time if you’re convicted.

Court Costs:

“Wait, what? Court costs? Since when do I have to pay the judge’s salary and keep the lights on in the building?” Nope, you don’t. That’s not your responsibility. But the way it works is that by breaking the law, you’re forcing the court to use their time and resources to process your case. These costs can include staff salaries, prosecutors, court reporter charges for court transcripts, copying court papers and exhibits, among other things. Depending on how serious the charges are against you, your court fees could be as little as $25, or end up costing you hundreds.

Restitution Payments:

This doesn’t happen unless you’re actually convicted of a crime. However, if the judge or jury decide you’re guilty, then chances are you’re going to be ordered to pay restitution to the victim of your crime. In Michigan, restitution means paying someone back if you committed a crime that caused them to lose money. Under Michigan law, restitution is mandatory in all criminal cases where the victim suffers an economic loss. So if you stole money from someone”s home, or shoplifted items from a store, you would have to pay restitution. In most cases, restitution will equal the value of what you took, or what you caused the victim to lose. So how much you have to pay depends on your actions. It could be a few hundred dollars, it could be a few hundred thousand dollars!

Being arrested is expensive, but we can help BEFORE that happens!

Hiring a top criminal defense attorney before you even get arrested may sound like a silly idea, but it really isn’t! Coming on board before the cops get involved allows us to help you prepare for all possibilities, and make sure that your rights are protected from the first moment. Join us next time for a look at a few more costs you’re likely to encounter after breaking the law. Until then, if you’ve been accused of a crime, or are afraid the cops are coming after you, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 7NO JAIL right now! Our aggressive and experienced trial team is available 24/7 to help you defend your future.Call 866 766 5245.

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