Flint Water Crisis: Will There Be Criminal Charges?

Feds get Involved in Investigating Flint Water Crisis

There has been a great deal of uproar in recent months regarding the Flint water crisis. And who can deny it – it’s a tragic situation, in which the highest price will most likely be paid by the most vulnerable members of Flint – the children and the elderly. But the question remains: is someone at fault here? And if so, who, and what did they do wrong?

The Attorney General’s office has made a public statement that they intend to investigate the situation and determine whether or not a crime was committed. But celebrities and public figures around the country are calling for Governor Snyder’s head on a spike. Figuratively, of course. Except in the case of Cher, who tweeted that she was in favor of a firing squad.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan has also opened an investigation, hoping to figure out exactly who, if anyone, is to blame for this controversy. The residents of Flint have brought suit against the city of Flint, the Flint water authority management, and Governor Snyder.

According to their claim, they have suffered numerous side effects from the city’s contaminated water supply, including hair loss, skin lesions, anxiety and depression, memory loss, damaged vision, and a frighteningly high level of lead in their blood. Which comes as no surprise, when you consider the fact that Flint’s water supply has been contaminated with toxic levels of lead for some time now.

It all began as a cost cutting measure, when city officials switched Flint’s water supply from Lake Huron, via Detroit, to the Flint River. But because the river water was so corrosive, it badly damaged the pipes, thus releasing lead into the water supply.

Local hospitals have released statements that there has been a dramatic rise in the number of cases of Legionnaires disease, and also a marked increase in the number of children with elevated levels of lead in their blood. Because lead is known to affect a child’s IQ, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is projecting that the city will struggle for years to come as a result of this issue.

Governor Snyder has declared a state of emergency for the city of Flint, and has also apologized publicly on a number of occasions for the state’s tardy response to the Flint water crisis problem. But whether or not he will have to explain that in court is another matter entirely.

Both the state and federal investigations into the Flint water crisis are ongoing, and no information is available as of yet. But with the entire nation awaiting the developments in these cases, the results will be closely watched and likely much disputed.

Until then, there are ways that those of us in the rest of the state can help the residents of Flint, whose tap water is toxic, and who are in need of assistance in many ways. CNN has provided a list of the charities collecting bottled water and funding, to aid in this crisis, should you want to reach out a helping hand.

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