Don’t Get Tricked by The Cops: The Four Lines You Should Never Fall For! (Pt 1)

Usually, when someone tells you you’ve fallen for a classic line, it tends to be something that sounded really sincere after about four drinks. “Is it hot in here or is it just you?” or perhaps, “Didn’t I see you on the cover of Vogue?”. Or the not-so-classic “I lost my phone number… can I have yours?”  

We’ve all heard them, and they’re pretty groan-worthy. But did you know that nightclub pick-up lines aren’t the only terrible lines you shouldn’t fall for? Cops use classic lines as well, although their motive is different. (They’re hoping you’ll be tricked by their smooth talk.) They’re trying to get you to confess (preferably without your attorney present). So it’s in your best interest to not fall for these cop’s lines either!

What ‘classic cop lines’ should you avoid getting tricked by?

  • “Why do you need a lawyer if you’re innocent?”

Or maybe, “getting a lawyer just makes you look guilty.” This is a really popular cop line – the one that suggests only guilty people need lawyers. Because if there’s one thing that’s NOT true, it’s the fact that innocent people don’t need legal representation. Why? Because innocent people get railroaded. Innocent people have their rights violated. And innocent people get falsely accused of crimes, and wrongfully convicted. It happens way more often than you could possibly imagine. (Cops know all this, so they themselves hire attorneys when they have potential legal problems. Our firm has represented many police officers over the decades!)

If the cops want to question you about something, or you’ve been arrested, you’re going to need an experienced attorney so you don’t get tricked. This isn’t optional, and it doesn’t depend on whether or not you’re guilty of a crime. According to Constitutional law, everyone has the right to an attorney, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So don’t deprive yourself of one of your most fundamental rights and make sure you hire a really good criminal defense attorney. After all, your entire future could depend on this one choice. Our best advice – – – lawyer up, just like the cops do. 

  • “This will be so much easier for you if you just tell the truth!”

The implication here is that you’re lying. Even if you’re not, the cops assume you’re being dishonest with them. It’s an understandable assumption – people lie to them all the time, so they just assume that everyone is lying all the time. (Of course cops also lie to people all the time, all in the name of trying to get a confession out of them.) But the idea that you need to “tell the truth” in order to make this process easier on yourself is definitely not true. Why? Two reasons…

One, the assumption that you’re lying isn’t fair to you, especially if you’re not actually being dishonest. And two, being honest with the cops rarely works in your favor anyway. What you say can (and will) be used against you. Your words will be twisted around, and used to confuse you and muddy the waters. And the cops don’t necessarily want the truth anyway. They want a confession. So………shut up and lawyer up. Do not have discussions with the police without a lawyer being present. It’s too easy to be tricked into saying something you can’t take back.

When dealing with the cops, let us do the talking for you!

As we’ve pointed out countless times before, talking to the police without an attorney present to protect you is a really bad idea. You can be easily tricked, because the cops are experts at this stuff. So if you’ve been arrested, or the police just want to talk to you, call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245. Whether you live in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Elk Rapids, Ionia County, Howell or Ottawa County, we can help. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will fight to ensure that your rights are protected, and that your future is protected. We know all the classic lines, and we’ll help you avoid falling for any of them. So don’t wait – lawyer up right away and make sure you’ve got the best legal protection available in Michigan’s lower peninsula. We’ve been protecting Michiganders since the last century. 

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