Crime Rates Are Down, But Domestic Violence Rates Are Skyrocketing!

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Although the current social isolation lockdown happening here in Michigan, and all over the USA, in response to Covid19 has been devastating for the global economy. It is having additional obvious impacts and many numerous other aspects of daily life while there have been a few unforeseen benefits. Air pollution is at an all-time low, as factories worldwide have been shut down and far fewer cars are pumping carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Wild animals are being seen in environments where they haven’t lived for decades, and rivers and canals are clearing to reveal their depths. But perhaps most striking of all has been the worldwide drop in violent crime rates (with the exception of domestic violence rates.)

Violent crimes (just not domestic violence) are down in many places!

Travel restrictions, curfews, and quarantines around the world have brought a welcome reduction in certain violent crimes, specifically murder. This is particularly noticeable in Latin American countries, where the murder rates are usually higher than anywhere else in the world. Another type of crime to see a significant reduction in, is crimes of opportunity like robbery. Why? Because of fewer people out and about, and fewer businesses operating means fewer opportunities for criminal activity. Statistics from the Michigan State Police confirm that we’re also seeing that benefit from the lockdown. 

But domestic abuse rates are definitely rising!

Here in Michigan, there is an average of 90,000 domestic violence reports made each year. In 98% of these reported cases, the abuser is male. (Men typically don’t report incidents where they are abused.) And each year, more than 100 of these cases result in death. But now, during the Coronavirus lockdown, there has been a significant spike in domestic violence reports. Both domestic assault hotlines and police agencies around the country have reported increases of up to 50% in the number of calls they’ve received from people, trapped at home with their abusers due to quarantine, who are desperate to get to safety. We’re seeing that here in Michigan with increased numbers in Livingston County, Lenawee County, Lansing, Oakland County and Grand Rapids. In fact, very few of our Michigan counties are not seeing increases in domestic violence reports. 

Why are domestic assault rates on the rise at this time?

While every situation is unique, it seems the primary reason for the spike in domestic assaults at this time is the Coronavirus, and the direct impact it is having on people’s lives. Couples are trapped in their homes with very little in the way of distraction, and no escape from one another. Add to that the stress of jobs lost and future financial concerns, and children who are home from school and in need of constant care and schooling, and in vulnerable families, you have a recipe for disaster. 

What can you do if you’re being abused by your spouse in Michigan?

Call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled attorneys can help you request a Personal Protection Order or some other kind of emergency court order. This will help you be protected from a violent and abusive partner by requiring that they keep a certain distance from you and your home, children, and pets. Although most courts are generally not always open to the public right now, most courts have advised us of the various ways attorneys can help them deal with genuine emergency situations. When you discuss your situation with one of our attorneys, we will explain the entire process to you, so you understand exactly what to expect and how you can be kept safe. We’ve been doing exactly that for the last 25 years. 

What can you do if you’ve been accused of domestic violence in Michigan?

If your spouse or partner has accused you of domestic violence, you’re going to need a rigorous defense by an aggressive and skilled defense attorney. Being jailed during the pandemic, or even just kicked out of your home and expected to find alternate accommodations, can put you at risk of exposure to the virus. Not to mention the fact that you’re facing a criminal record, possible time behind bars, and lots of associated court costs and attorney’s fees. So if you’ve been accused of threatening or harming your partner, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 (866 7NoJail), and ensure that your health and your future are protected!

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