CMU Football Player Arrested

Brandon Greer Arrested for Assault, Imprisonment and Attempted Rape

Brandon Greer, the 21-year-old defensive back who has helped lead Central Michigan University’s Chippewas to glory for two years now, has been kicked off the team. But in truth, that is the least of Greer’s worries at this point. In fact, the multiple felony charges he is facing are of far greater concern. As they should be. This is serious stuff.

Apparently it all began when a woman wrote on her Facebook page about an attempted abduction that she managed to escape while out walking her dog in Mount Pleasant. A male matching Greer’s description, and driving a car identical to his, pulled over and asked her a question. When she approached the vehicle in order to answer, the man allegedly grabbed her arm and tried to pull her into the car. The victim claims that she fought him off and fled with her dog.

On her Facebook page she wrote about the encounter, saying, “I was almost abducted. I fought the guy off and ran with our dog to the apartment. I am safe, but another child or adult may not be so lucky.”

Police opened an investigation, and when they found Greer, who matched the victim’s description, he was arrested. According to police, at the time that they first encountered Greer, he was parking a silver car that matched the victim’s description, and watching a woman walk her dog nearby. He is currently being held in the Isabella County Jail without bond.

Greer has been charged with assault, attempted unlawful imprisonment, and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration, all of which are felonies under Michigan law. In the wake of his arrest, CMU’s athletic director, Dave Heeke, released a statement to the press saying that Greer had been dismissed from the team.

“We take all criminal misconduct very seriously and felt this case warranted immediate dismissal from our program,” the release said, explaining the team’s decision. Greer is apparently the 11th CMU football player to be arrested since 2011. Other arrests for players run the gamut from drinking and driving and domestic violence to theft and marijuana possession.

Greer was arraigned in the 76th District Court in Isabella County, before Judge Eric Janes. He pled not guilty to all of the charges, however, if convicted on all three counts, he could be looking at more than ten years behind bars.

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