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Michigan Court of Appeals Says No Video Sentencings

A recent ruling by the Michigan Court of Appeals says that sentencing a person convicted of a felony via video conference is dehumanizing. In addition, it apparently isn’t listed in any court rules. But that doesn’t appear to be stopping at least one circuit court judge here in Michigan from doing it anyway.   The […]

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Maryanne Godboldo Facing Charges Once Again

Michigan Court of Appeals Ruling  Maryanne Godboldo has had one of the roughest rides on the legal train here in Michigan, with charges being brought, overturned, brought again, dismissed, struck down and then upheld. We can only imagine the heartbreak and frustration that this poor mother has endured, for no crime other than trying to […]

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Michigan Court of Appeals Upholds Conviction

Mark Anthony Jones Jr robbed an elderly woman in her home, shooting and killing her in the process. He was summarily charged and convicted of felony murder. But that was five years ago, in 2010. Recently, Jones began to feel that there were issues at his trial and he was denied true justice. The Michigan […]

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