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Watch Out! You May be Breaking The Law Without Even Realizing it! (Pt 2)

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again. We’ve been talking about how easy it is to break the law in some instances, without even realizing you did it. Sometimes it’s because you didn’t know what the law was (which isn’t hard in Michigan where hundreds of new laws are passed every year!) And sometimes […]

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No more Charges in Treetops Resort Vandalism

It has been over a year since the much-discussed $400,000 vandalism incident took place at the Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Michigan. A total of seven people have since faced charges, a fraternity has been disbanded, and people all across the nation have weighed in with their opinions on both the positive and negative aspects of […]

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Frat Resort Damage Case Making Progress

Not too long ago we shared with you a case that was moving so slowly that many people felt it would never actually reach any kind of resolution. This would be none other than the damage case against the members of the now disbanded Sigma Alpha Mu, who allegedly caused hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

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Treetops Ski Resort Sues Fraternity

Civil Suit Follows Criminal Charges In the wake of the criminal charges brought against three students for the damages done at the Treetops ski resort in Gaylord, the resort has decided to pursue a civil suit. In a statement released to the press recently, the resort said that it’s legal advisors had recommended legal action […]

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Third Sigma Alpha Mu Member Facing Charges

After the charges brought against Joshua Kaplan and Zachary Levin, former members of the now disbanded Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, everyone waited to see who would be next. Well, the answer is: Matthew Leonard Vlasic.

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Criminal Charges for Ski Lodge Vandalism

U of M Fraternity Under Fire The damages to the Treetops Resort and Spa in Gaylord were unbelievable. And the cost of the ensuing cleanup has been staggering. From restoring all the ceiling tiles that were torn down and furniture that was broken, to replacing urine-soaked carpets and demolished cabinetry, the total is $200,000 and […]

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Ski Resort Property Damage Woes After Wild Weekend

U of M Students Accused of Causing Property Damage to Hotels As if fraternity and sorority houses don’t have enough troubles with bad press already, here is another evolving story involving six greek houses from the University of Michigan. Some of their members are now facing the possibility of criminal charges for thousands of dollars’ […]

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Newaygo County Commissioner Facing Felony Charges

There is nothing new about this fact, and yet it continues to surprise people when it shows up in news headlines in one form or another: It is entirely possible to be both a politician and a criminal at the same time. And that is certainly the case for newly inaugurated Newaygo County commissioner, 64-year-old […]

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Bay County Malicious Destruction of Property

Malicious Destruction of Property Plea End Result of Man Damaging Ex’s Car A young Freeland man who was facing a felony charge for letting his jealousy get the better of him with regard to his ex’s new relationship choices, has accepted a plea deal and will now be forking over a sizable chunk of change.

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Monroe Malicious Destruction of Property

Malicious Destruction Results in Arrests While most people use herbicide to rid their yards of those pesky weeds that pop up uninvited in their flower beds, one mother and daughter duo were recently arraigned on criminal charges for using weed killer for a different, and some say malicious, purpose. Julie A. Baumgartner, a 50-year-old resident […]

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