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Are Stun Guns Set to Become Legal in Michigan?

Stun guns are currently illegal in Michigan. Like brass knuckles, daggers, and short-barreled shotguns, they’re on the list of weapons (or self-defense items, depending on your perspective) that you’re not allowed to carry around with you. But that may about to change.  The Michigan House has voted on making stun guns legal! House Bill 4020 […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Ever Try Your Hand at DIY Lawyering!

  We live in a society that champions the DIY approach for just about everything. You only have to spend five minutes on Pinterest to find recipes for everything from homemade laundry detergent and sunblock, to instructions on how to build your own dining room table and weave your own hammock. While this wonderful variety […]

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Is The Second Amendment Going to be Repealed?

  There have been many reactions to the rising number of school shootings, both here in Michigan, and around the country. Everything from increased mental health checks to arming teachers has been suggested. But one retired Supreme Court Justice has a different solution to offer – he says we should repeal the second amendment!   […]

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Detroit Porch Murder Trial Update

 Wafer / McBride Trial Continues On Monday morning the front porch murder trial of Theodore Wafer resumed with Michigan State Police Detective Lt. David Balash retaking the stand for the defense. Balash, who is a gun and crime scene expert, testified that it was without a doubt that Wafer’s gun had fired the bullet from […]

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