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Michigan Man Sues State After Waiting 3 Years For Forfeiture Hearing

  Michigan’s civil forfeiture laws are a disaster. They have been a source of controversy and media scorn for years! Currently there’s a class action lawsuit against the state of Michigan challenging our asset forfeiture laws. The United States Supreme Court is still considering whether or not we’re violating our Constitution, and new laws have […]

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What’s up With Michigan’s Possible New Forfeiture Laws?

  If you’ve been reading the news lately here in Michigan, you’ve probably noticed that civil forfeiture is back in the limelight. Specifically, Michigan’s new civil forfeiture laws. Since this is such a heatedly debated subject, people feel very strongly about the new proposed changes that have been introduced. Yet, despite all the controversy, what […]

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Search & Seizure Update: The Limits of a “Knock and Talk” Visit

  The issue of search and seizure is one that we’ve discussed here on our blog many times in the past. It’s a very important subject, and one that raises with it a lot of controversy and complaint. In Michigan, search and seizure laws are the subject of almost constant debate. New appellate rulings interpreting […]

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New Civil Asset Forfeiture Law For Michigan

  Civil asset forfeiture is a subject that brings on very heated debate, particularly in Michigan. People tend to be very against it, or wholeheartedly in favor of it. Wherever you stand on the issue, the fact remains that Michigan’s civil asset forfeiture laws are in need of an overhaul. And while it’s happening slowly, […]

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Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform – Is Change On It’s Way?

Civil asset forfeiture reform is a subject that we have written about on a number of occasions in the past. It is a highly volatile subject and can be a divisive topic of conversation. Opinions are all over the place. It is a subject that needs to addressed simply because the federal law as well […]

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Michigan Attorney General Backs Asset Forfeiture Reform

Civil asset forfeiture. Three little words that get so many people up in arms about violated rights and lack of accountability among law enforcement. And rightly so. Because while it can be harder to argue against police claiming rights to a vehicle used in a drug bust, taking items from people who are never charged […]

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Michigan’s New “Padlock Law”

In March of this year, a new law went into effect that allows municipalities around the state to request that a judge declare a home to be a “public nuisance”, and have it locked up. This court order would render the house vacant and then sealed up for a full year. But to earn this […]

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Update: Michigan Civil Asset Forfeiture Law

Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Under National Scrutiny About a month ago we revisited this highly volatile subject, updating you on where we were as a state on the subject, and what changes were hoped for in the future. But the five bills still working their way through the legislature have yet to amount to anything, […]

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Civil Forfeiture Law: “Policing for Profit”

Michigan Civil Forfeiture Law Gets a “D” About a month ago we discussed the bill package that had just been introduced into the Michigan House aimed at reforming our state’s civil asset forfeiture laws. So where are we at with this highly volatile subject? And why is the change so important?

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Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform in Michigan?

We’ve all heard about it – the furious man who was arrested for drunk driving but had a significant amount of cash taken by the police when his car was impounded. Money that had nothing to do with his case, but which the law allows officers to take anyway. Or the guy busted for growing […]

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