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Update: Michigan Civil Asset Forfeiture Law

Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Under National Scrutiny About a month ago we revisited this highly volatile subject, updating you on where we were as a state on the subject, and what changes were hoped for in the future. But the five bills still working their way through the legislature have yet to amount to anything, […]

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Civil Forfeiture Law: “Policing for Profit”

Michigan Civil Forfeiture Law Gets a “D” About a month ago we discussed the bill package that had just been introduced into the Michigan House aimed at reforming our state’s civil asset forfeiture laws. So where are we at with this highly volatile subject? And why is the change so important?

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Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform in Michigan?

We’ve all heard about it – the furious man who was arrested for drunk driving but had a significant amount of cash taken by the police when his car was impounded. Money that had nothing to do with his case, but which the law allows officers to take anyway. Or the guy busted for growing […]

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