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Battle Creek Motorcycle Club Rivalry

Battle of the Bikers?

Most bikers just want to hang out with their friends and ride their motorcycles, without making or getting into any trouble. But like people in every walk of life, it only takes a handful of badly behaved ones to give everyone else a bad name. And this was certainly the case for four bikers from North Carolina who were arrested in Michigan after a recent fight in Battle Creek.

According to Battle Creek Police, they were contacted late at night by the Calhoun County Sheriff Department because of a fight that had broken out between rival motorcycle gangs. Apparently the Outlaws and the Avengers were at each other’s throats, and there was weaponry involved – namely guns, pipes and bats. People were going to get hurt.

Responding officers arrived to see a number of cars pull away from the Outlaws clubhouse and pulled over a pickup truck containing four members of the Avengers motorcycle club. The four men in the vehicle, all from North Carolina, were apparently in possession of six handguns, an assault rifle magazine, ammunition, two shotguns, a number of knives and Mace. Also in the truck was an undisclosed quantity of marijuana.

Three of the four bikers were arrested and charged with carrying concealed weapons, while the fourth was charged with possession of marijuana. And that should have been the end of the story. But there’s more…..

Just over 24 hours later, two people whose identity is yet unknown, were seen attempting to firebomb the Avengers clubhouse. A lighted container of flammable liquid was used to ignite a fence at the rear of the building, which then spread to the back of the building. But because the fire department responded quickly, the fire was put out before any major damage could be done to the house, and no one was hurt.

There is currently no evidence that the attempted arsonists were members of the Outlaws club, but the fire department is investigating the fire and will release all of their findings to the police department and the prosecutor’s office when they have established exactly what happened and who did it.

In addition, the police are also investigating whether or not there is any connection between the fight that took place the night before the fire, and the fire itself. According to the police department, the two clubs, who have been classified as  gangs by the FBI, have a long history of rivalry.

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