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Arenac County Mobile Meth Operation

Meth Operation Found While Serving Subpoena

When an Arenac County Sheriff’s Deputy showed up at a home on Mason Road in Mason Township, his plan was to serve a subpoena, summoning someone to court. But that wasn’t what he ended up dealing with that morning….

At about 9:15 a.m., the deputy saw two people sitting in a parked car, located near the residence he was visiting. He believed, for reasons that haven’t been disclosed, that they were possibly cooking methamphetamine in the vehicle. Due to the rising use of meth in Michigan communities, this is something that all officers are on the lookout for at all times.

According to Arenac County Undersheriff Don McIntyre, once the deputy discovered that the vehicle was indeed a mobile meth operation, he arrested the two people inside the car. The case was then immediately turned over to MSP’s Strike Team Investigative Narcotics Group (STING).

27-year-old Scott Cole, a resident of Hale, and 26-year-old Krista Eddy from Pickford, were apparently either passed out or sleeping in their vehicle. With an active one-pot meth operation cooking away beside them.  Police say that the owner of the residential driveway where the alleged meth cooks were parked was not home at the time.  What they don’t know is whether or not the couple are known to the homeowner, or simply picked his driveway at random.

STING worked with the Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team

Officers say that they have encountered the pair before, as a result of a meth-related complaint from a few weeks prior, that was lodged in Hale. Cole and Eddy were held temporarily at the Arenac County Jail while STING dealt with the meth on site. After that, they were formally arrested and transferred to the Iosco County Jail. According to officers, STING worked in conjunction with the Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team in order to get everything decontaminated and cleaned up. After that, the car was towed away and impounded.

The pair were arraigned on February 19th in the 81st District Court in Iosco County. Cole has been charged with single counts of delivery/manufacture of methamphetamine or ecstasy, and soliciting another to obtain ephedrine/pseudoephedrine. Eddy is facing only a single count of purchasing ephedrine/pseudoephedrine to make meth. The couple are set for their next court appearance on March 1st.

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